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In Sickness and In Stealth

So, I went to Vancouver last week after all (sorry, no set visit), and it does indeed look like Kansas! The majestic waterways! The mountains! All those evergreens! I also stayed on Granville Island, so I finally get all those references in the show to "that kid from Grandville" that they throw in just for fun. Oh, and some guy told me he knew where Kristin Kreuk lived. He was very creepy, so I didn't accept his offer to be shown where it was. Kristin: I hope you have some good blinds installed at your place.

This week: Smallville gives us "Fever." Fever! We start up on the lovely Kent Farm. Ooh, look: a windmill. I just had a Don Quixote moment in my head. We cut right to the dank storm cellar, where MamaKent -- casting sneaky looks behind her -- walks down the stairs carrying the green flour tin from a few weeks back. The shiny, clean spaceship, uncovered and conspicuous, looms ominously. Clark must use Space Turtle Wax to give it that nice, polished look. MamaKent opens the flour tin and pulls the octagon piece of the ship out from it. She holds it up, and we shift focus over to the octagon-shaped hole in the ship's hull. So the octagon is like a spark plug? Clark wanders over and says, "Hey Mom, you down here?" She left the cellar door wide open for any silly person to walk over and notice. MamaKent scrambles to close the tin. She says that Clark was supposed to go to the hardware store with Bo Duke. Clark says that Bo remembered he had the part in the barn. Yeah, those pesky parts. MamaKent lies that she was coming down to get some peaches for dessert. Yep, that spaceship makes those peaches taste mighty fine. You haven't lived till you've had spaceship peace cobbler. Clark accepts the lure of delusion and hops back up the stairs. MamaKent eyes a bunch of paint cans (which say on the label, in huge-ass letters, "Contains lead" as opposed to "Glidden Paint! Not At All Dangerous!") and starts moving them around. She uses a hand shovel to start digging a hole into the soft basement soil. As she digs and starts to breathe harder, we zoom in on her lips. While I'd normally be a big proponent of a MamaKent heavy-breathing shot, the moody music kind of ruins it. We CGI into her esophagus where these green glowing spore things are surfing along. They're evil Scrubbing Bubbles! The Evil Scrubbers begin attaching themselves to the inside of her windpipe. Back in the real world, MamaKent buries the octagon piece, green tin can and all. She also begins to cough as she replaces the dangerous paint cans.

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