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In Sickness and In Stealth

We cut to the benefit, where a crappy strummy band is playing. A band is on stage. Oh, wait, it's Steadman? Wait a minute! Steadman is black! Who are these jackasses? Strummy plugged-in acoustic plays. This guy looks a bit like Clark with his hair grown long. Pete is listening with a big set of headphones on. "Pete, this is awesome!" Clark says as he walks up to Pete's little booth. They shake hands; Pete is glad Clark is alive. Pete says, "Hey, check it out." He hands Clark a CD in a clear case. It's the dreaded Talon Mix. Pete says as much. He is totally Product Placement Pete. Below the mix CD, we see a Von Ray CD lying on a stack. "Thanks, Pete!" Clark says, as if he's been handed the keys to one of Lex's cars.

So, the Talon Mix. Let's run through the soundtrack listings shall we?

  1. Remy Zero. It's been a year and a half and I'm still not totally tired of this song. So fine.
  2. VonRay? You sound like a sea creature. Weezer?
  3. Yay! Except "Island in the Sun" is a little creaky.
  4. Same with Five For Fighting. Didn't that song come out in 2000?
  5. Ryan Adams? I still don't get that guy.
  6. Phantom Planet -- decent band, good song.
  7. The Flaming Lips. Now this is a coup. Great song, great band.
  8. Sixpence None the Richer are not that great, but I still get little happy chills when I hear "Kiss Me," so I won't bag on them for covering "Don't Dream it's Over." ["Ugh, I will. Stay away from Crowded House, churchies!" -- Wing Chun]
  9. Steadman? I think we already covered my disappointment that it's not Oprah's beau we're dealing with.
  10. AM Radio. Never heard of them.
  11. Lifehouse. You know, I'm not crazy about the band, but I like the way it was used in the show way back in the day.
  12. And Eva Cassidy's "Time After Time"? Probably one of the prettiest covers I've ever heard.

No Gorillaz? No Nelly Furtado? Lo-Fidelity All Stars?

On with the scene. Clark thanks Pete for his help with the police. Pete's used to being pulled over. He says he'd rather play "deejay" than "decoy." There was a time when I would have welcomed a few more lines for Pete. Those days are ancient, ancient history. Pete asks whether the investigation is over. Clark hopes so. Somehow, over Clark's shoulder, Pete can see Chloe walking in. Clark goes to talk to her. Clark, over the music, tells Chloe he heard she visited while he was sick. Chloe says, "What are friends for?" She excuses herself to go buy a raffle ticket. She asks what could be more poetic just than her winning a computer. A Gateway, no less. The singer on stage is nowhere near his microphone as he goes falsetto. They want to be Oasis so bad.

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