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In Sickness and In Stealth

Lana comes in. She sees Clark. Clark, wearing a bright red shirt, compliments Lana on the party. Lana gives props to MamaKent. Clark asks Lana if Chloe is all right. Lana says that Clark's being sick really affected Chloe. "Me too," Lana adds. Clark gives her the squinty eyes. Lana says it was hard seeing Clark sick. She always thought of him as invincible. Hasn't she seen him sick before, whenever she wore the green necklace? "Now you think I'm just human," Clark says. Lana says it means she cares about him. She says it's not that eloquent (Chloe, are your ears burning?), but some people are better with words than others. Chloe looks over as they're talking. She looks amazingly sad as she sees Clark and Lana do their dating dance. Steadman wails ever louder as we go to black.

Next week: Christopher Reeve! Trust me, I think this is gonna be good.

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