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In Sickness and In Stealth

Inside the house, Bo Duke is under the sink fixing something. He eyes his hand mysteriously and says, "Well, that ought to do it." He gets up and turns on the faucet. Success! Savor the little victories, Bo Duke. MamaKent comes in hurriedly and says that was fast. Clark says he offered some spot welding help, but Bo said that would just slow him down. Bo says Clark's abilities are no match for a 3/4-inch copper washer. But can copper washers ejaculate with their eyes? MamaKent, holding a pitcher, says that the two of them deserve a nice cold glass of lemonade. Just as she says that, she starts to cough and buckle. She coughs some more as Clark asks if she's all right. We get a floor's-eye view of the glass pitcher being dropped and shattering. MamaKent falls in slow motion. It looks like she's about to fall right on the broken pitcher. (Which somehow broke on every part except the part that actually hit the ground.) Clark superzips over before she can fall all the way. As he holds her in his arms, Bo and Clark say her name. Clark says she's not breathing. Overhead shot of them doing this. Bo holds her face in both his hands and says, "Martha?" She's not waking up.

Opening credits. Commercials for the forthcoming soundtrack, which we'll be talking about in detail later.

The Life of David Gale takes place in Austin, but given what I've heard about the movie, please don't hold it against us.

Smallville Medical Center. We know this because tubes are dripping and drooping into our ailing MamaKent. A doctor walks out of the room, but the doctor we really care about -- Lex's girlfriend Doctor Dropkick -- is talking to Bo and Clark. She says they've stabilized MamaKent. Bo Duke is confused. He says she was working outside all day and was fine. He asks how something could have come over her so quickly. Uh, hello? Seasonal allergies? Dropkick -- who's looking a little tired and baggy-eyed this week (though still cute as the Charles Dickens) -- says it's most likely a toxin. She'll know when they do some blood work. Bo Duke says he's staying. Dropkick looks at Bo all affectionately and says she'll have an orderly bring him coffee. I'm sure the orderly will appreciate that. After the doctor leaves, Clark and Bo fret. Bo insists that Clark go run some errands for a fundraiser she was organizing. He reasons that MamaKent wouldn't want them to stand around worrying about her. Even when his wife is at death's door, Bo finds that perfect Hallmark platitude to put thing in skewed, incorrect perspective. Bo reminds Clark how important the food bank (that we've never heard about before) is to MamaKent. Clark reluctantly agrees to take care of family business. Clark puts a hand on Bo's shoulder and says that as soon as he's done, he's coming back to camp out. They can roast weenies! Bo is left to look serious.

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