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In Sickness and In Stealth

Outside The Talon, the marquee reads, "Charity Concert This Saturday...Welcome Steadman." Steadman! I love Steadman. Oprah's boyfriend totally rocks. Inside, Clark is carrying a Gateway computer box. But don't they mostly use Apple products on this show? The actors are gonna get crowded out by all the product placement. Lana is talking to someone off-camera and suddenly looks up when she sees Clark. She says she thought Clark's mom was bringing stuff over for the raffle. Clark says MamaKent was, but that she came down with something and is at the hospital. The camera moves to show that Chloe and Pete are the ones talking to Lana. "Hospital. It sounds serious," Lana says. I know it's early, but could somebody throw some cold coffee at her or something? Pete asks if they know what's wrong. Clark says they're doing some tests. Chloe says they have to know something, and asks about her symptoms. "What is this, an interview?" Clark asks, all weird and abrupt. That was the strangest line reading ever. Awkward moment. Clark says, "She stopped breathing, okay?" Lana says that this event was MamaKent's idea, and maybe they should postpone it. As Lana talks, Chloe makes weird eye-rolling motions. Clark says that MamaKent would be disappointed if they cancelled it. Chloe starts to apologize. Clark says it's fine. He leaves to go back to the hospital. Chloe makes "I fucked up" faces.

Hospital waiting room. Some people are sitting behind Clark and Bo Duke, and one of them looks an awful lot like Lex. That sleek bald look must be catching on in town. I guess it would be really easy to pick up gullible women that way. "Why, no, I'm not a billionaire, but I, uh...hey, rub my head!" Doctor Dropkick comes to Bo and as they walk, she says she knows she's already asked this, but has MamaKent been exposed to anything unusual? Bo says no before she even finishes her question. She starts again and Bo cuts her off, saying she hasn't been around anything she hasn't been exposed to before. "What is this about?" he finally asks. Sure -- get short with the doctor who's just doing her job. Dropkick says that the blood cultures indicate an acute toxic reaction. You're a cute reaction. She says she can't identify the source. Bo asks if she can still help MamaKent. Dropkick says she's sent the samples to Metropolis, but she's still concerned about the health of MamaKent and her baby. Say what? Rewind. "Baby." Huh? Rewind. "...her baby." Damn, I guess it's true. I really wish Bo could have been drinking that coffee from earlier here so he could have done a spit take. Instead, he just turns his head and says, "'Baby'?" Should I rewind twice more? "You didn't know?" Dropkick asks. Some balloons would have helped usher in the news. Bo says that there must be some mistake. The doctors said she could never have a baby. Maybe they forgot to add, "With you." I seem to recall that Papa Luthor is as virile as George Foreman. Dropkick -- who has some weird shadows on her face that make her pretty eyes look a little bulgy -- says there's no mistake. Accept no substitutes! Baby operators are standing by! Bo's gonna need to sit down or have a drink at the Wild Coyote or something. He watches MamaKent in the hospital bed through a window as she sleeps.

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