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In Sickness and In Stealth

Craggy Menace gets a call on his walkie. Some suited dudes in the cellar say they got a positive on some "organic particulate matter." The guy says it looks like someone was digging and kicked up some irradiated spore. Menace asks for a surface sample. The boys in maroon take a shovel to the spot. They find the tin can very easily.

Back outside and fast forward in time, Craggy presents the octagon piece in a baggie. How do they know it's not radioactive? Or dangerous in some other way? A little baggie is going to protect everyone? Craggy says they found it in the storm cellar. He asks whether they've ever seen it before. A guy next to Craggy is holding the flour tin in a big baggie. He's going to make a cake to go with the salad. Bo says he hasn't seen the piece before. Craggy asks if MamaKent has been down in the cellar. Funny how neither Craggy nor his assistant is wearing any protective gear on his head. Bo says that they usually keep the cellar locked. Clark interrupts to say that MamaKent was down there that morning. Craggy nods like he knows something and quickly turns. As he walks off, he asks a subordinate via walkie-talkie to sterilize the storm cellar area. It's gonna be a battle between good and evil Scrubbing Bubbles. As Bo and Clark walk away, Clark asks how the piece they've been searching for the last few months could have ended up down there. Bo says that he noticed the flour jar when he was fixing the leak, and that MamaKent must have put it there. Clark asks why she didn't tell them. "She must have her reasons, Clark," Bo says, satisfied with self-delusion. Bo says that right now, he's more concerned about her health. But if she starts to feel better, he's gonna kill her! Clark, within hearing of a bunch of maroon-suits, asks about the spores. Bo speculates that whatever they were, Clark was exposed to them too, so maybe that's why he lost his strength. That or the show has started to become unprofitable. Clark says that he just had a glitch and that Bo doesn't have to worry. Bo frowns. "We need to think about Mom," Clark says, in an obvious edited-in looping job.

Back at the hospital, MamaKent is still sick. Bo is still worried. Bo walks in to her room. He puts a hand on her forehead and asks how she's feeling. Well, let's see. She's in the hospital. She may lose her baby and die because of some mutated Scrubbing Bubbles. I'd say she feels...fine? MamaKent ignores the dumb question and says she should have told him about the baby. Bo asks why she didn't. MamaKent says she was worried that if she said it out loud, it would go away. Bo does the shifty male thing where a woman tells you something really direct and you kind of go, "Oh, why didn't I think of that?" He pulls up a chair. Bo asks how it's even possible. Well, the chair was right behind you and then you pulled it with your hand and slid it across the floor and...oh, you mean the baby? Wait, let me rewind. MamaKent says that the day of the tornadoes ("Vortex" and "Tempest," for those keeping score) she was near the ship and something strange happened. She says that when the ship did its thing, there was a bright light and she felt a surge of energy. Oh, that was just the ratings. Bo asks whether the ship has the ability to heal. MamaKent doesn't exactly answer that when she says she thinks the ship made it possible for her to get pregnant. Wait, she had sex with the ship? Bo kind of chuckles as he says that however it happened (or whomever it happened with, not that I would ever cast aspersions on MamaKent, although it's gotta get lonely on that farm), it's a miracle. MamaKent looks torn up. Bo tells her that they found the octagon piece on the cellar. He asks why she hid it. She knew it was wrong, but she was afraid Clark would open the ship, find the truth about his origins, and leave. She starts to cry. Bo tries to comfort her. She begins to wheeze and cough. Bo kisses her hand and holds it to her cheek. I get warm fuzzies.

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