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You Better Work It, Supergirl
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So, I was holding my baby just before I started here, and I smelled the foulest odor. I thought maybe she'd laid down an epic spot of poopie-diaper. Then I breathed a sigh of was just this episode.

We open on a huge orange banner across the main street of town, proclaiming the 100th Annual Harvest Festival. Those crazy sign-making kids graduated high school and got themselves jobs doing banners professionally. Sadly, it's not as rewarding as they'd imagined. After the 50th "Corn Sale!" the thrill sort of leaves you. The camera pans across a sea of orange and yellow. We swoop down to see Kara and Clark. He's taking bushels of corn out of the back of the truck while Kara complains that she's been cooped up in the house watching Project Runway and Beauty and the Geek and now the first time Clark takes her out, it's for a corn festival. I don't even want to think about why Clark has her watching those shows. Clark says it's the town's biggest event (except for all the murders!) and that she should try to enjoy it. Kara, who is wearing an awful red plaid shirt to match Clark's blue one, says they're wasting their time here. Whereas watching Beauty and the Geek was time well spent. She reminds Clark that her father sent her here and that she needs the crystal for her ship. The ship that she ate? Clark says that he's working on it. She complains that the crystal isn't here with all the corn and that she can cover twice as much ground as Clark. Clark tells her that her wings are clipped and that she's not going to be flying. Jealous? Clark says that the people who took her ship are going to be looking for her and that if she uses her abilities, it'll lead them straight to her. Clark, who looks a little bloaty in this scene, tells her she has to fit in. The plaid is a good start. Kara, who kind of has a skeleton's skull shaped head, looks dejected. She sees Jimmy Olsen shooting photos with his expensive-looking Nikon. "How do I fit in with him?" she asks. She traveled twenty-three galaxies to have a crush on Jimmy Olsen? Oh, lordy. This is gonna be a looooong fucking season.

Clark is like, "Who in the WHAT now!?" Kara's eyes start flashing weird and bright. She looks shocked. "Hey! Cool down!" Clark tells her. The pre-female-eyejaculation settles back. Clark, embarrassed, tells her it used to happen to him all the time. Oh the shame! The awful shame! A mayor type unveils a giant slab commemorating some damn thing. Clark explains that there's a town legend about a famous outlaw (who shall remain nameless). He robbed a train and buried the loot in town somewhere. A map to the gold is supposedly hidden inside a time capsule that's being unearthed. Kara X-rays the box. She asks why people in town are excited to open up a box of old junk. Their biggest event of the year revolves around harvesting crops. You figure it out.

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