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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Clark, amused, introduces Kara as his cousin. Lana is suddenly all smiles. Instead of looking down on earthlings, Kara puts a hand on her hip and says she's going to be the next Miss Sweet Corn. Check out those kernels! Clark does a cute little fake-laughing thing and tells her that when he said she should be fitting in, he meant with more clothes. "You mean undercover," Kara confirms. Clark says this is "not-covered." He asks her to go change. Kara isn't too happy about that. "Now!" Clark says, all Christopher Walken. Kara whooshes out of the room and whooshes back behind Lana. She's wearing pants and a white shirt. Lana, amused, says at least she knows what side of the family Kara came from. Lana excuses herself to let Clark and Kara talk. Sure, you can go. You only just returned from the dead. I'm sure Clark would rather hang out with his castrating cousin than the love of his life who was, in his mind, exploded into a million bloody pieces. Lana exits with only a touch of Clark's arm. This is the worst relationship ever.

"She's nice," Kara says, having figured that out after three seconds of interaction with Lana. "There's hope for you yet." I guess in a week where Lois doesn't appear, it's up to Kara to take all the dialogue shrapnel. Clark lectures Kara about how entering a beauty pageant isn't fitting in; it is, in fact, a way of totally standing out. Kara says it's like being captain of the football team. She walks to a picture of Clark in his football gear that we can barely see. Kara boo-hoos about how, while Clark was living the American dream (a really mopey dream), she was stuck in a cryogenic coffin losing the best years of her life. Homegirl: you didn't lose a day. You haven't aged! And your home planet is blown up! Were you planning on going back to ninth grade in Smallville? Make sense, lady! Kara says she doesn't want to miss out on anything else. Since when did pageants become part of Kryptonian teen years? Clark gives up. He figures she's as stubborn as he would have been. He wants to help her control her abilities, though.

Playful music. In the barn, Clark places a small watermelon half on a bale of hay. He tells Kara that this is all about control, which she doesn't have. She asks if this is necessary. Listen, sister, the episode is barely forty minutes long. This week, all of this crap is necessary. "Get back to me when you can fly, Earth Boy," Kara says. Ouch. Clark says she almost lit up the whole Fair. Ew. That could have been ugly. Kara says Clark is a little uptight. She says he gets that from his father. Clark, annoyed, says he's not going to let her expose their secret after all his years of hiding it. "Watch and learn," he says. He spits out two little eyejaculate pellets and then a straight beam. The watermelon, still smoking, bears a burned-in happy face on it. Nice! Clark turns the melon around and asks her to try to put a "mug" on it. She says, "Please. What am I, like, five?" She shoots eye beams and blows the damn melon up. Melon gets all over Clark. Oh, Gallagher! Kara is somehow completely clean. Clark tells her she's not ready. He thinks that out on that stage, too much can go wrong. Kara says she'll fit in, but she's going to do it her way. She storms out of the barn.

The Talon. Apparently, the pageant is being held there. Inside, the ladies are in the dressing room getting primped. Kara doesn't really know what to do. She stares at her own face. She watches other girls apply makeup. She overhears the two girls from the Bitches' Brigade. One of them tells the other that there was a problem with Girl #3, but that she took care of it. Kara goes over to them. She asks if they might be able to help her, since their makeup looks so good. The brunette tells Kara that she needs help with more than just her makeup. She tells Kara to go grow some corn or something. Kara, genuinely hurt by these puny earthlings, goes outside. She runs back into the alley. She notices all the dead flowers across the way and the frost on the window. Wow, this rock music is really loud. Kara wipes a circle into the frost. Inside, she sees Blonde Bitch frozen to death, a look of horror on her face. Neat!

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