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You Better Work It, Supergirl

Commercials. Saw IV. Because having saw'd it three times just wasn't enough for some viewers.

LuthorCorp building. Inside, Lex is still wearing his wedding ring. He fingers it with his thumb, deep in thrall. The creepy government dude from last week walks in, saying it must be such a relief being exonerated for murder. Eh, you know, it's OK. Lex recognizes him as Agent Carter from the Department of Domestic Security. Carter nods like, "Yeah. That's me. Suck it, Homeland Security." Lex says his men (oh, his men) have been following Carter's team as they found the spaceship. Carter mumbles his lines, saying that he didn't think the mystique of his anonymity would last long against a Luthor. Aren't you a government employee? They probably just looked you up on Google. Lex is surprised they have to be at odds and that the gauntlet has already been thrown down. Carter says he's not a fan of small talk. Oh, just kiss, you two. Carter says he wants to talk about Lex's latest obsession (fine Hickory Farm cheeses? Oh, wait, that's my obsession). He pulls out a folded-up piece of paper bearing the sketch Lex drew of Kara. Carter says Lex's men have been showing it around town. It's creepy, man. Knock it off. Lex scoffs. He asks why the government would be interested. "Because you are," Agent Carter says. No, you are! Mwah! I'm telling mom! Somehow that lame line shuts Lex up.

Daily Planet. Jimmy is showing Chloe a photo of his that ran in the paper. It's two old dudes with very little clothes on, holding their arms up to show the lack of muscle. One of them has a duck floaty around his belly. The headline says, "Polar bear brothers share swimming sport." Chloe says that it gives saving the polar bears a whole new meaning. Jimmy has had his fill of Speedos and hairy shoulders. Chloe smiles at him and says she's glad he's back. Jimmy, wearing a funky brown bowling-style shirt, says he's come back bearing gifts. He shows Chloe a photo. It's the dead Miss Sweet Corn contestant. Chloe hasn't already heard about this? She says she can't just run down to Smallville to investigate. She has stories to file. Jimmy is surprised. He says this has "meteor freak" written all over it. In crayon. Jimmy says it's exactly the kind of story their new editor wants.

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