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So Long, and Thanks for All the Super
es Apokolips a shove toward some unknown destination. He hovers there for a while against the backdrop of Earth. Except for the CGI version of him, you never really see him in the suit, but it's still kind of a nice shot.

The image of Clark gives way to an illustration in the comic book Chloe is reading to her boy. "And that," she says, "was the day the boy turned into Superman." "Wow," the tyke breathes. Chloe pats his hair, a big honking diamond ring visible on her married finger, and kisses his brow. He asks her to read it again, but it's time for bed now. As she tucks him in, subdued strains of the Superman theme play. Chloe pauses at the door, looks back at her boy as he looks at his toy bow and arrows. He lights up, as does the music. Chloe's raising a future hero.

As Chloe closes the boy's door, she gets a call on her cell. "Did you get it?" she asks by way of answering. "I thought you might need something blue." The scene cuts to Lois, opening a package from Chloe and pulling out a blue ribbon. She asks her cousin for luck, gets it, then hangs up to get back to her busy day at work. Aaron Ashmore, looking like a newsie from the Great Depression, walks up to Lois, camera at his side. He warns her against going into Perry's office. Lois pauses at Perry's door. Although we don't see him, we hear Michael McKean's voice, railing about something "Luthor" has done. This new Jimmy Olsen asks if Lois liked his pictures. She did, but thinks they lacked drama. Where the Man of Steel is concerned, she wants to see "pecs, cape and pearly whites." She walks with Jimmy through the news floor, remembers the other Jimmy that was actually Jimmy's brother. In the background, Perry is shouting, "Great Caesar's ghost!" As Lois scatters to avoid Perry's wrath, she walks by a monitor showing a news clip of Patches the Amnesiac Clone being elected President of the United States. He overcame total baldness, total memory loss, the total lack of an election year and a totally white suit to somehow win the confidence of the American people. I would totally vote for him.

As Lois heads for the basement, she bumps into Clark as he bumbles his way up the steps. "I'm sorry, Miss Lane," he says, adjusting his glasses. He gets down on his knees to help her with her spilled papers. "Can it, Clark," she says. "Nobody's paying any attention." After seven years, they're still not married, but they aim to change that as soon as possible. Clark even has the wedding bands -- and neither of them appear to be made of butterscotch candy this time. Before they can kiss, some guy runs around the place shouting that a bomb has been reported on an elevator uptown. "Just tell the minister I may be a few minutes late," Clark says as the Superman theme strikes up. As he darts up the stairs, he's already unbuttoning his vest. He reaches the roof in majestic slow motion. Against the backdrop of the golden sun, Maxfield Parrish clouds and a fluttering American flag, Clark tosses aside his glasses and rips open his shirt. The iconic S-shield on his chest fills up the screen and gives way to the end credits one last time as trumpets herald both the beginning and the end.

So. That was it. The very last episode of Smallville, ever. In the end, possibly the most disappointing thing is that, for all the talk of light and goodness and compassion, it was brute strength that saved the day. Clark saved the day not because he was the only one good enough, but because he was the only one left after a plot contrivance. If not for Jor-El's meddling, Kara would have been there to give Apokolips a shove. Instead, Clark got the save by default. It wasn't his fight against injustice, it wasn't his symbolizing of hope and goodness, or his tipping the scales toward the light. No, it was just that he was strong enough and in the right place at the right time. That's not legendary or inspirational. It's not even heroism by coincidence, as when a doctor just happens to be on a plane when someone on board has a heart attack, since Clark was carefully maneuvered into this position. Even still, I have to admit a got a fangirl chill seeing the last shot.

I've asked Omar G. to contribute the last words of this last recap. I felt it only fitting that the man who recapped the first episode be there at the end. He survived freaks of the week, Lana's witch year and the "tuna and chocolate" that was Lois and Clark's early relationship. Goodbye, show. You were often fun, sometimes funny, occasionally very good and all too frequently frustrating and terrible. But, even knowing what I know now, I'd still want to recap you. Take it away, Omar:

Thanks, Tippi, for letting me come visit Smallville one last time.

I said my goodbyes to you, the readers, and to the show two years ago when I stopped recapping, so I won't rehash all that again.

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