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The Ross Is Off The Bloom

Clark superspeeds onto a pastoral scene. He X-Ray visions the barn. Wait a minute. How is the writing on that smoke tank showing up in X-Ray vision? Lead paint again? I think not. Clark superspeeds into the barn, breaks through one of the glass windows, and turns the pipe on the smoke machine onto itself. Alanis just watches calmly. Clark unbinds Lana. He picks her up and lays her on some hay outside while Alanis superspeeds away herself. Lana starts to wake up. "Clark," she sighs. Clark races after Alanis at mach speed. They race through the barn and outside into a field. In slow motion, Clark's eyes light up and he shoots ejaculate pellets at the flimsy legs of a water tower that Alanis is running toward. The legs of the tower collapse. Water splashes. We CGI on Alanis running against a wall of water. It doesn't work. She's blasted back by some H2Ohno! She's grimy and unconscious. Clark watches her. We go to commercials.

If the girl goes to prison, it would be bad to tell people she was defeated by a water tower. That shit doesn't go over very well in the pen.

Now that that plot thread is over, it's time to start a whole new one. On a road at night, Pete is stopped as he's driving his snazzy convertible. Why they always gotta stop the black man? It ain't right. A guy in a black trenchcoat shines a flashlight at Pete. Pete asks if he was speeding. Hey, it's Craggy Chris Isaak! He tells Pete to get out of the car, and shows Pete his FBI badge. Pete asks if this is about his mom. Chris Isaak tells Pete that judges have to go through a routine security check. And some ass-kicking. Don't forget the ass-kicking.

We go straight to Stately Luthor Manor. Chloe is telling Lex about the murders of his grandparents. She tells Lex that he knew all this before he had his brain wiped. Chloe tells Lex that he got Morgan Edge's confession on video, but Papa Luthor erased it. Lex is depressed. There's no proof. Chloe says there's a voicemail confession from Papa Luthor himself. She says he tried to erase it, but that voicemails are like emails. They can be resurrected from the cybergraveyard by someone with enough pull. Like, er, Lex? Lex asks why she didn't tell him all this earlier. Chloe points out several people who've been killed along the way in this little family squabble. Point, Chloe. Lex steps toward her: "Chloe. It means a lot you're willing to do this for me." Lex says that Chloe is putting herself between Papa Luthor and the FBI. Not a great place to be. Chloe says she can't get under the grip of Papa Luthor otherwise. She smiles brightly. "Besides, I know you won't let anything happen to me," she says. Famous last words.

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