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The Ross Is Off The Bloom

Obligatory Clark/Lana loft scene. Clark sees Lana come in, and his telescope is duly elevated. Lana, wearing blue instead of pink, says she heard that Crazy Alanis escaped the mental hospital. Clark says he heard; she was even heavily sedated when she escaped. I can't image that girl's eyes being any droopier. Lana asks if Clark thinks she'll come back. "No," Clark says, thankfully closing the door on future episodes with the girl: "I think Lionel Luthor will make sure of that." Wha? He didn't even have anything to do with capturing her. Clark asks if Lana is all right. Oh, sure, fine. Pink. Lana apologizes for ruining dinner. Clark says he's racked up more than a few IOUs. Lana is actually a tiny bit charming when she says she was looking forward to it. She asks what Clark wanted to tell her. Clark thinks about it. More bangers on the sidewalk. Clark steps forward. "I just wanted to tell you that..." He leans in and gives her one of those creepy uncle kisses where he goes for the cheek but instead lands on her neck in an unnecessarily erotic way. Lana closes her eyes in ecstasy. Oh, geez. Clark says, "Have a great time in Paris. I hope you find what you're looking for." Lana thinks, "That's it? You asshole!" She tells Clark goodbye and gets the hell out of Clark's barn of lies. No Coldplay music plays this time when she exits. No music plays at all. It's kind of nice, actually.

Papa Luthor's Office of Opera Music and Sin. Papa is listening to some classical music on his Sharper Image CD player. Lex walks in through the automatic doors. Papa Luthor chuckles. He asks if Lex is expecting forgiveness. Lex looks happy. He tells Papa Luthor not to make Lex Papa's own personal Judas. Is that like having your own Personal Jesus? Lex came to congratulate Papa Luthor for sweeping the Crazy Creepy Little Girl business under the rug. Papa Luthor chuckles more as he says they should have told the hospital about the girl; they have a history of misplacing patients. "It's the details. I've always tried to teach you...the devil is in the details. If you don't pay attention to the details," Papa Luthor says, "he'll win." Lex says it's a good thing he's a fast learner. He says that Papa Luthor went to all the trouble of committing Lex and erasing his memories. But, Lex says, his father's gotten careless. The automatic doors open behind Lex. Craggy Chris Isaak and a few FBI agents walk in. Papa Luthor gets up. Craggy Chris says Papa Luthor is under arrest. "On what charge?" Papa Luthor asks. "The murder of your parents, Lachlan and Elijah Luthor." Craggy Chris Isaak handcuffs Papa Luthor, who is completely shocked. I really hope he gets all nutty in jail like Jeffrey Tambor on Arrested Development. Lex watches with no emotion. As they take him out, Papa Luthor stops next to Lex and moves his face close to Lex's cheek. "Be careful, son. Don't forget. Judas hung himself with his own rope." Lex doesn't move as they take his father away and the classical music continues. Lex finally closes his eyes in something like peace.

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