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Motor City Madness

Talon. Kara is in the coffee shop, listening to a song called "Say it Again" on her red cell phone. Lex approaches, carrying two coffee mugs. "Anything good?" he asks. Meh. No. Kara says that it's supposed to be one of her favorite songs, but she can't remember how it goes. Kara says she saw what happened. She touches Lex's forehead. "You were bleeding," she says. Lex credits his awesome team of medical professionals. Lex smiles. Kara wonders if they'll give her her job back. Lex says the owner is very understanding. Kara thanks Lex for meeting her. She says home isn't feeling too familiar. She says Clark is a nice guy, but she thinks he's hiding something from her. Lex chuckles. He says that as Clark's former friend, he knows the feeling all too well. Kara says Clark didn't even mention that he and Lex were ever friends. "What happened?" she asks. Lex says he grew up. He tells her that he's not interested in keeping any secrets. He thinks there's a treatment that'll help get her memories back. He says with it, they'll get the truth... once and for all. Shouldn't Lex have figured out the truth sometime around Season Three? Oh well. Lex is slow that way, I guess. Dramatic cut to black!

Next week: hiatus! I have no idea if I'll see you next in March or April, but enjoy the springtime!

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