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Motor City Madness

Back in the lab, Clark twitches in his unconsciousness. The scientist is alarmed that Clark is going in even deeper. Papa Luthor states the obvious: that if Clark goes too far, he might never find his way out. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Scientist says he's never seen this before. Well, it is a new episode.

Dramatic flashes take us back to Clark-in-Lex. We're in a fuzzy-filtered scene in Luthor Manor. Clark is watching the kid paint the shield of an Alexander the Great model. This is the same Alexander from the hallways, back when the boy still had hair. We cut back to show the boy playing on a tabletop full of figures on a map. "Alexander Luthor!" we hear a familiar voice bellow. Alexander looks really scared. Papa Luthor, wearing a black turtleneck, enters the bedroom, angrily. You've interrupted his improv rehearsals! "What is the rule about my briefcase, Alexander?" Papa Luthor asks. He's not supposed to ever touch it. Papa says he can tell when it's been opened. He asks if Alexander opened it. Alexander stutters. Then he finally says no, he swears. He backs away, frightened. Papa is angry at the boy for lying. He grabs him roughly by the shoulder and then takes him by both arms. Papa Luthor's got a bit of a mod/shag haircut going. Groovy, man. "Be a man, Lex, and admit what you've done!" Papa tells the boy, "admit it!" He shakes the kid. Alexander says he didn't do it. The boy says he doesn't care about his father's work.

Papa pushes him a little, and a bunch of toys fall over. Clark watches sadly. Papa screams, asking who did it if it wasn't Alexander. He shakes him over his army toys. "Mom!" the boy finally says. Papa puts his hands on the boy's face as Alexander says he saw his mother going through Papa Luthor's things and she told him not to say anything. Lillian appears in the doorway. She tells Papa to let go of Alexander. She says she had to know the truth about "Veritas." Veriwhaaaa? It would be a lot sexier if it was called "Veri-tatas." She asks what it is. "Veri-tatas?" Oh, that's very simple. It's a top-secret project about boobies that I just made up. Papa grabs her arm, then her other arm and they struggle as she asks about his secret late-night meetings. "Please!" Alexander yells. Lillian screams hysterically, asking what Papa Luthor is hiding. Papa tells her that Veritas is none of her concern. He pushes her and she hits a nearby shelf then falls on the floor. Over his shoulder, Papa tells Lillian to stay out of his business. He leaves the room. Alexander goes to his mother. He asks if she's all right. He apologizes. "Don't," she says, "you've said enough." She gets up and leaves the room. "Don't go," Alexander whispers. The boy is left alone. Geez, man. How depressing. Happy Valentine's Day, show.

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