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Motor City Madness

Back in the hallway, Clark calls for Alexander. "I know where they are!" he yells. Clark sees the bright red door down in the distance. Alexander calls for Clark. White Suit Lex is there, holding Alexander up by the neck. "He'll...kill me," Alexander manages. He's crying. "I'm gonna kill him," Lex confirms. Yep. There will be killing. You just wait. "You are pitiful," Lex says to Alexander. He drops the boy and starts dragging him away by the leg. Alexander struggles. Clark turns back toward the red door and must decide whether to save himself or Alexander. He chooses the boy.

In the lab, Lex flatlines. Scientist says that if they lose Lex, they'll lose Clark, too. The stretchers go upright as the Scientist tells Papa Luthor that they have four minutes before brain death. I bet it didn't take less than four minutes to get Lex from a ditch in Detroit to Smallville Medical Center but, hey, I'm just a human bound to the laws of physics, time and space. I don't write a show for the CW where those rules don't apply. "Nooo," Papa Luthor moans as the Scientist tries to bring Lex back with a defibrillator.

We transition from the shock of the paddles to Clark back in the hallway. White Suit Lex drags Alexander away. Clark, in the hallways, feels the shocks of the defib.

In the lab, Chloe walks in. She asks what's taking so long and then sees the crisis. Papa Luthor tells "Miss Sullivan" that she shouldn't be there. Papa explains that Clark is trapped and might die. The Scientist says that they've lost Lex. Papa Luthor is stunned. "I can save him!" Chloe says. "How?" he asks. Chloe says, "Just trust me, Mr. Luthor, I can."

Commercials. Talking Frosted Mini Wheats are like something out of my wildest, most wonderful dreams. I love you, Li'l Wheats!

LuthorCorp Labs: Engaging in creepy-ass science experiments for seven seasons. Inside, Clark and Lex are still strapped in, side-by-side, still pretty dead. The machines have quieted down, but the music has been amped up to compensate. We flash to inside Lex's head. White Suit Lex is kicking poor little Alexander, who's scuffed up and rolling on the floor. Lex pulls a sword off a convenient wall sconce and prepares to kebab the boy. Lex puts a white shoe to the boy's chest. "You're holding me back, Alexander," Lex tells him. Alexander begs for his life. Yep. This is pretty fucked up, right here. It turns out we're in the mind version of the Lair of Lex. Clark bursts through the double doors. "Lex!" he yells. Lex says it's time to say goodbye. "Noooo!" the boy moans.

Cut to Chloe, making a face. She's psyching herself up to do this thing. She looks at Lex's bare chest. Oily! She reaches her hand to it. An orange ball glows, lighting up the room. The orange light envelops Lex. Chloe winces. The Mind Machine says, "Host engaged," which means he's back to life, I suppose. We go right back in to where Lex is about to stick a sword through his inner child. Clark, very slowly, runs across the room and dives at Lex, knocking him down. Love tackle! They knock over glasses from a drink cart. Lex throws Clark against the wall, even as they're both on their knees. Clark fights back. Clark gets on top of Lex, straddling him just the way Lana was doing earlier (maybe THIS is the Gayest Look of the Episode? I've lost track). Lex looks up at Clark, smiling slyly, as Clark keeps punching him in the face. "Go now!" Clark yells to Alexander. Alexander takes off.

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