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Head Of The Glass

Farm at night. Clark and Shardy come downstairs as he announces to MamaKent that they need another set of cards. It's time for some Kansas Hold 'Em, and we don't play that pussy one-deck shit. It's quiet downstairs. Too, too quiet. Clark notices with alarm that the kitchen door pane is broken. He hears breaking glass. He tells Shardy to stay in the house as he goes to investigate. Sure, leave the kid alone. Why not?

In the barn, MamaKent is pinned to a post with a huge floating glass shard pointed at her. "Mom!" Clark yells. "Clark," she gurgles. The pointy edge of the glass is jabbing her right in the neck. Glasshole appears from behind MamaKent, looking like crazy Peter Weller with Sting's hair. He holds out a magician hand, all, "SLEEEEEP!," and tells Clark that if he moves a muscle, Mom's throat'll get slashed. What about internal muscles? Involuntary muscle movement? Let's set some guidelines here. Clark sighs. I think he moved some muscles. Glasshole tells Clark to bring him his daughter. Wanna give that speech about how not everyone can be a Dad now, Clark? Glasshole yells at Clark to hurry up and do it. Instead, Clark eyejaculates at the piece of glass, knocking it away. Ew. It breaks. Glasshole thinks, "I could not have foreseen that." MamaKent scurries off.

There's a weird camera view as Glasshole moves his head around and shatters a bunch of jars in the room to make an army of glass pieces that surround him. He tosses them all at Clark. Clark just starts to walk toward them, but before they can break on Clark's hard head, the glass pieces change direction and form into shardy daggers, all pointed at Glasshole. Clark turns. Shardy is doing the hand thing and telling Clark to get the fuck out of the way so that this cocksucker won't ever hurt anyone again. Or words to that effect. Clark tells her no. Glasshole asks his "Princess" what she's doing to him. Kabobs, motherfucker, kabobs! Clark mocks the poor girl by mimicking the hand in the air thing. He tells Shardy that if she does this, she'll be just as bad as Glasshole. Well, she didn't steal diamonds and kill a bunch of innocent people. So, no, Clark. Clark tells her that she doesn't have to turn into her father. That would be crazy expensive. "Maybe...I don't have a choice," Shardy says, seriously. Clark assures her that she doesn't have to follow in her father's footsteps. She hesitates, and says she doesn't want him to hurt more people. Glasshole begs for his life. He falls to his knees. The floating glass daggers follow. Clark asks the girl not to destroy her life like her father did his. Shardy drops her hands. The daggers fall and break into pieces. Ironically, it is Glasshole who is the most shattered thing in the room. Shardy apologizes to Clark. They hug. Clark tells her it's over. Glasshole is so jealous.

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