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Head Of The Glass

Opening credits. Commercials. Oh, Reba. You'll outlive us all.

Kent Home, at night. Wayward child music plays, as we go inside to see Shardy at the coffee table in the Kent living room, still sketching. Only now she's got an incredible amount of inspiration. Clark is telling someone from the sheriff's department that he found Foster Mom in the kitchen with glass everywhere. "What kind of person would commit such a brutal crime?" Clark asks, stiffly. Yeah, it's not like we've had any murderers in this town before, heavens-to-Betsy, my. The deputy, wearing big glasses, says that the sound of Clark's truck probably scared them off. Shattering glass and explosions didn't, but an F-150 will do the trick. MamaKent thanks the deputy for letting the girl stay with them for the night (it's up to him and not Child Protective Services?). MamaKent says that, after what the girl's been through, she shouldn't have to stay in some shelter. Where professional psychologists may be able to help her. Instead of farmers. Just sayin'. The deputy says that CPS will come by to check in the next morning, and leaves.

MamaKent says that the dead woman only ever wanted to help people, and used to run a youth center before she became MamaKent's chief of staff. MamaKent stares sadly at the girl. Clark says that Shardy hasn't said a word since he picked her up. MamaKent says that the girl hasn't spoken since she was three. The last words she said were "I'm going to hold out for a guest spot on a fresh WB show." MamaKent says that's when her birth mother was killed. Clark notes that the girl's been through one tragedy after another. Uh, Clark and MamaKent? She doesn't speak, but she can hear. MamaKent says that she should call Papa Luthor in London. There's a British version? Sweet! MamaKent says that Foster Mom used to run Papa Luthor's children's foundation. He had a children's foundation? Was it for child clones? Clark, suddenly mindful that his mother is about to speak with evil, tries to stop her. MamaKent says that it'll only take a minute.

Clark sighs before he approaches the little girl, because this is going to be so lame, man. He could be out...doing...well, I guess this is more exciting than Clark's lack of plans. Clark walks over, and asks what she's drawing. How about word balloons? "Quite the artist, aren't you?" Clark asks. She doesn't talk, dude. Try "Amutesayswhat." (Silence.) "Exactly. Not." Clark looks around. Talking to a silent girl is hard. At least Lana whispered everything she said. The girl is drawing a scary, leafless tree. Clark lies that he's an artist, too. In fact, he directs! Wanna see his demo reel? When the girl doesn't respond, Clark sighs, and tells Shardy that he'll have to prove it to her. Clark tells the girl to prepare herself, because his self-portrait is going to be so kick-ass that she won't be able to tell it apart from a photograph. Clark shows her a stick figure drawn in red holding a giant testicle. Wait, no. It's got a nipple. I've got it! It's Clark walking abreast. Very clever, Kent. Clark smiles at the girl. She lights up a tiny bit. What's sign-language for "Dork"?

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