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Head Of The Glass

Kent farm. Lois has taken Shardy outside, far away from glass surfaces. Lois claims that some of her best times in life were out in the boonies...far away from breakables. Some of my best times in life were spent away from Lois. Shardy asks where Shelby went. Lois says that she's allergic, and that the dog isn't fond of her either. Lois, who is setting them up for a picnic, says that they can do whatever Shardy wants. Shardy suddenly runs off, looking for Shelby. Scary music plays. Lois gives chase. In the barn, Lois tells Shardy she can play with the dog when Clark gets back. Lois suddenly notices that all the glass jars in the barn are suddenly shaking. Lois tries to calm the girl down, and says that they should get out of there before one of them gets hurt. Perfect timing, because the CPS guy just showed up. "What do you mean 'gets hurt'?" he asks. Lois asks who he is. He's Frank Colbert, dammit! He asks what's going on. Lois tells the guy that she knows this sounds crazy, but that she's trying to keep the girl as far away from glass as possible. The guy looks surprised, so he obviously hasn't read Shardy's file. He asks Shardy to go get in his car. She shakes her head. Lois tells the guy, "No, no, not the car!" Lois tells Frank Colbert that the girl can break glass just by looking at it. Yeah, that's nice, but Frank Colbert's going to take her back to the shelter. More scary music plays, but nothing happens.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex opens his email and finds an AOL-sponsored video window from one of his minions. "We spotted Milton Fine!" the person, who looks like he's in a plane or helicopter, yells. Apparently, he's near the Somalian border. Lex sips on his drink as if this isn't amazing news. He pulls up another video, with another guy telling him that Fine is in Myanmar. Chloe bursts into the room. Security! Lex closes his laptop. "Chloe," he says, friendly enough. Chloe gets herself into place, and speechifies that she knows Lex's moral compass sometimes veers off-course, but that taking advantage of Lana when she's most vulnerable is despicable. Lex casually sets down his drink, and continues his game of pool, as he tells Chloe that her reporter's eye is getting cloudy and that she's seeing things that aren't there. Chloe says that she doesn't have to work for the DWP to see know how much electricity was in that room. Yeah, nice one, writers. This is the second time "DWP" has been used incorrectly on the show. That's the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. In Kansas, the DWP is the Department of Wildlife and Parks. Lex scoffs. He must know "DWP" is bullshit, too. He straightens up, and tells Chloe how interesting it is that she's so perceptive about affairs of the heart, considering that she's never been in a serious relationship. Crack! Ow! Chloe asks if Lex thinks Lana would be remotely interested in him if she wasn't swept up in an emotional tornado. I wonder how that compares to when she got swept up in a real one. Lex scoffs again. He says that he appreciates Chloe's concern for Lana, but that they're friends, nothing more. Chloe tells Lex that she knows he's used to getting what he wants, but that if he hurts her friend, there'll be a consequence: "And you're lookin' at her." Chloe starts to walk out. Lex stops her: "Chloe. I think I'm getting an inkling why you've never had a boyfriend." He smiles. Chloe, angry, leaves the room. She slams the door on her way out. Snap! Lex, happy, goes back to playing pool.

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