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Chloe Gets Freaky

Chloe's apartment. Jimmy walks in and sees Clark dabbing Chloe's wound with a bandage. He asks what the heck Clark did to his girlfriend. Chloe says that she had a tracking device in her, and that Clark had a pocket knife. "We improvised," says Clark. Jimmy is shocked. "'Improvised'!?" he asks. Yeah, you know, like when you ask the audience for the name of an animal and a knife to stab someone with? Chloe lies that it barely stung. They hear a beep on the computer. It's a green dot at the house of Tobias. Chloe says there's only one left. On Highway 52. "Tobias," Clark says. Ya think?

House of Darkness. Dr. Bethany is saying that The Powers That Be (Al and Miles?) want Tobias brought to them. Bethany says that if he does that, he's a dead man. He says that if anyone asks, the story is that Tobias just disappeared. Lana tells the doctor not to hurt him. The doctor says that the voltage in his weapon stops the heart instantly; the boy won't feel a thing. Oh, well all right then, just...NOOOO! Bethany lifts the gun and says that Lana won't feel a thing either. "But you will," says Tobias. He's got a gun. One with actual bullets. He points it at the doctor. Tobias says that he always thought his father had too many guns in the house, but now Tobias is glad he did. Couldn't you have gotten rid of them after your parents died? Ever heard of guns for toys for tots for blind Kryptofreaks? You could have gotten a whole baby! "What good is a gun if you can't see?" asks the doctor. Ah, yes. That ancient riddle. Tobias fires and shoots the fucker right in the chest. The blue gun drops. Tobias says that he can hear just fine, and that the next one is going right in his heart. The doctor growls and rushes Tobias. The gun falls. Lana goes to grab the weapon. The two men wrestle on the floor. The doctor manages to get his heart-stopper gun. Lana grabs the real gun and tells Tobias to run. The doctor points his gun at Tobias while Lana points hers at the doctor. "Drop it!" she yells. Looks like we got ourselves a little Canadian standoff! Lana swears to God that she'll pull the trigger. The doctor, completely taking his eyes away from Tobias, says that he'll take his chances. He squeezes his trigger. Lana squeezes the trigger on her gun. Clark blurs into the room in slow motion. He reads the situation. Sees the flying bullet. Clark bats the bullet away with his palm. Then he positions himself in front of Tobias. The blue ray bounces off of Clark's chest and hits the doctor, knocking him back. Bethany crashes against the wall. Tobias asks what happened. Lana doesn't really know. Clark is gone. She says that they're safe now. Lana turns the breaker back on and asks if Tobias is all right. He thinks so. Lana goes to call the police with her cell. She notices that a glass shelf door has a bullet hole in it. She opens the shelf. Inside, a bullet with a dent in it can be found, having hit a metal tray and put a crater in the thing. Lana picks up the bullet.

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