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Chloe Gets Freaky

Commercials. Burger King's string of awful advertisements continues, this time with little people.

Outside the house, there's an ambulance and police cars. A body is being taken away on a stretcher. A deputy asks if there's anyone who can assist Tobias. Clark says that he can; he says he heard what happened. Tobias blames himself, saying that he should have known what was going on. He says he never questioned what was happening. Clark says that a friend of his will help Tobias to get his operation. "Lana wanted to do the same thing for me," says Tobias. Wait, what? Clark asks why. Tobias says that Lana thought Clark was infected by the meteors, and that she didn't want Tobias to tell anyone. "Really? What'd you tell her?" asks Clark. Tobias says he told the truth -- that Clark's the most normal guy he's ever met. Well, that's just silly. Clark turns. He sees a town car approach. Clark says it's a ride for Tobias. Tobias thanks him. The license plate on the town car reads "Q2." Hey, it's nice to have rich friends like Oliver. The car drives away.

Lana, standing nearby in a trench coat, her hands dug in the pockets, does her best Robert Stack impression. "Once again, fate intervenes and lives are miraculously saved," she says. "Yeah," says Clark, not able to understand half of those words. He tells her that the paramedics reported that the doctor died of a heart attack. He says it's bizarre. Lana says what's really bizarre is...she shows Clark the bullet. Lana says that she fired the gun, but that the bullet hit the cabinet behind her. Clark says that it must have ricocheted. Indeed. Lana says, kinda sexily, that it must have bounced off something pretty powerful. Clark says it's important that she's all right. He tries to walk away. Lana asks where Tobias went. Clark says that he's going to Star City, where Oliver is arranging for his cornea transplant. Clark adds that Tobias told him what Lana was going to do for him. He says he's not sure where Lana got the idea that he's meteor-infected, but that he appreciates what she tried to do for him. He says that it means a lot. Lana frowns. She says, in extreme close-up, that even if it were true about Clark, it wouldn't matter: "You'd still be the same Clark Kent." Clark thinks about that for a while. An older police officer asks Lana if she's ready to make her statement. Not about Clark, though. She does turn back to Clark and gives him a sultry look and walks off with the cop. Clark forgets to breathe.

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