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Chloe Gets Freaky

Lair of Lex. Lex is sitting by the fireplace as Lana walks in. He thanks God she's all right. They hug. Lex asks what she was doing at that house. Lana says that she was trying to save the kid. She didn't know things would turn out that way. Lana says that she saw the doctor Lex had been meeting with. "Of course you did," says Lex. He says that he was talking to the doctor about LuthorCorp's donation to the new trauma center. Lana asks if it was just a coincidence. "A sad one," says Lex. He finds it weird that a man who saves lives would do something like this. Lana doesn't seem to believe Lex. She asks if Lex would tell her if he's involved in this. "Lana, you're my bride-to-be...the mother of my --" Lana interrupts him; she asks for the truth. "On the soul of my unborn child. I swear. It's the truth," says Lex slowly. Lana hugs him. Strummy alt music starts to play as Lana stares past Lex's shoulder.

Chloe at The Daily Planet. She's on the computer, looking freaked out. Clark walks in, saying that she looks dazed and confused. Chloe says that she can't sleep, work, or think about anything else. Clark says that she's been through a lot. Yeah! Chloe says that she was taken for a reason, and that it's not because she's a witness. Chloe says that Clark wasn't identified because he's not a meteor freak: "It was me." Clark scoffs and says that it must have been a mistake. Chloe says that she's been exposed to as much Kryptonite as anyone else in town, and that it's not a stretch to think that she got infected along the way. Clark says that she doesn't have any powers. "Do you?" he asks, deliciously. Chloe says no, but she says that doesn't rule her out. She says that a good chunk of the Wall of Weird was made up of people who had latent powers that showed up years after exposure. Clark tries to be logical. He says that Chloe's powers may never show up. Chloe says that every meteor freak she's ever run into has ended up either dead or at Belle Reve. "Face it, Clark," she says. "I'm a walking time bomb." She sits and buries her face in her hands. Clark sits next to her: "Consider me your own personal bomb squad." He puts both hands around her elbow. A teardrop falls on his hand. Chloe is crying. She looks to Clark and finally smiles as she sniffles.

Lair of Lex, nighttime. Lex pushes a button on a keypad at his desk. "Regarding our most recent subject," he says aloud. On a screen, we see Chloe laid out on the exam table. "33.1" is on the bottom left corner. Close-up on Chloe's face. "Keep a close eye on her," Lex says. We cut from Chloe's eyes to Lex's eyes. Lex stares right at us. Scary! We go to blackout.

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