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Chloe Gets Freaky

Cut to a middle-aged gent leading, by the arm, a younger man with stringy light-brown hair and dark glasses. "Why here?" the teenager asks. The man tells the teenager, who is named Tobias, that places like this always attract large crowds. Especially on Ladies' Night! Oh, yes! He tells the young man to take off his glasses. "Only for a second," Tobias says grimly. Instead of being the kind of Tobias who never takes off his shorts or underwear, this one must have a thing about his sunglasses. "I know it hurts," says the older man. Tobias takes off the glasses. Close-up of his eyes. The skin is puckered around the eyes, and the pupils are cloudy, not unlike a guy I've seen who can paint the future. We see from Tobias's point of view that he has some sort of crazy, bright thermal vision. Everything is white and orange, but he sees a blue person shape walking toward him. "There's one right there," he says, pointing very obviously at Bowling for Concubine as BfC walks by. What, an Asian? You got a problem with Asians? What the fuck, man!? Hey, there's a blind guy being all gay with his sugar daddy. How you like them apples?! And I'm pointing at you! You know, it's possible I'm misreading this scene just a bit. Tobias slips his glasses back on. The scary music that briefly flashed calms down. The older gent leads Tobias away, lest he point out other ethnicities.

Back alley. Bowling for Concubine goes outside, maybe to go home and go over his "tip." He walks down the alley, and then sits down. He pulls out a 40-ounce and tips it back. Woooooo! This guy knows how to party! Alone. Sadly. BfC puts down his 40, the label of which has "90" on it. We get a close-up of the bottle so that we may remember this critical detail. Someone approaches from the mist. It's some dude who quickly grabs BfC as a van screeches around a turn and comes down the alley. Another thug approaches, having hopped out of the van. Chloe emerges from the back door to see the two men grabbing BfC and dragging him away. "Hey!" she yells. BfC calls for help. "Hey!" Chloe yells again. Hey! You! Guuuuuuys! Tires screech as the van speeds up. Chloe tries to fit against the wall of the building, but there's no room. She runs as the simulated headlights bounce around crazily. Chloe runs and almost gets plowed down. She dodges to her left and falls onto a car on a lower level, then roughly rolls to the ground. The van speeds away. Chloe breathes hard. Opening credits.

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