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Chloe Gets Freaky

Stately Luthor Manor, daytime. A dark sound takes us inside. Lex stands in front of a mirror, looking at himself as he tries on a traditional tuxedo. Lex asks if it's just him or if he looks like a waiter serving high tea. Lana, wearing a black dress, stands next to him and says he looks like the most handsome groom in the world. "Good answer," Lex tells her. Now, if you'll excuse her, Lana's about to be the runaway bride. "Questo é perfetto," says Lex, to an Italian tailor standing in the room. "Grazie!" the tailor replies as he walks out of the room. I hooked up my microphone just so I can show you what it sounds like: "Grazie!" Lana and Lex smile at each other. "About last night," he begins. Sorry for trying to enter through the wrong location. Lex asks what Lana and Chloe were doing outside the bowling alley the night before. Lana says that Chloe needed some air. Lex asks why Chloe didn't go out front like everybody else. Lana says that Lex seems a little obsessed with the details. Lex says that Chloe is Lana's maid of honor and almost got run over; he wouldn't want anything to happen to her. "Neither would I," says Lana.

There's a man at the door. Lana glances at him, as does Lex, and then Lana says she'll see Lex at dinner, and kisses him lightly on the cheek as she exits. It's Dr. Bethany, of bowling-alley fame. "The boy is growing impatient," says the doctor. You see, the boy has seven years on his contract and there's talk of an eighth season. Bethany says that Tobias is asking when they'll schedule his surgery. Lex says Bethany should tell the boy that corneas don't grow on trees. Unless they're spooky eye trees. The trees in the hills have eyes. Bethany says that the boy is blind, not stupid. And Bethany is a physician, not an illusionist! Lex says that he was warned a cornea transplant would take away the boy's abilities. Bethany says that if the boy tells anyone what they're doing, Bethany's career is over. Lex asks him to think about his wife: if they could have attracted these subjects a year ago, she might never have been murdered. When did that happen? Bethany gets his serious face on and tells Lex not to pretend he cares about crime. Crime doesn't pay, so why would Lex care about it? The doctor says that he knows about Lex's meteor rock research. Lex says that he's been victimized by these people just as the doctor has. Lex concludes by instructing Bethany to tell Tobias that he should be patient. Dramatic music soars and then climaxes into a whoosh. Lex walks away. Dramatically. Can you feel the drama?

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