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Chloe Gets Freaky

Daily Planet. Chloe is telling Clark that Bowling for Concubine might not be the only person who's been taken. A mother called 911 saying that her son had been kidnapped in the middle of the night. She says that the boy showed up back in bed the next morning. How did they get him back in bed if the mother was up all night worried and waiting? That's some serious sneaking. Chloe says that it's a person named "Brian Osborne," suspected clairvoyant. He's from the Wall of Weird. Clark says that people with meteor powers are being abducted. Chloe says that their memories are being wiped up to the point right before the abduction. Clark asks what's happening on their big night out. Chloe says that it's probably not a pajama party. Not a memorable one, at least. And quite possibly, there are no pajamas involved at all. Clark says that, given Lex's history with 33.1, he's probably behind this. Chloe shows Clark the only clue she has: it's a digital photo that Chloe took of herself and Lana together. Clark, for no good damn reason, says, "That's you and Lana having the time of your lives. That's great." Oh, just shut it, asshole. Chloe zooms in on a corner of the photo. It's Tobias pointing at Bowling for Concubine, all, "There's an Asian!" Chloe says that Tobias Rice was blinded in the last meteor shower. She points at him pointing at BfC. Then I walked to my TV and pointed to Chloe. We should just keep doing this to infinity. Chloe asks why a blind person would point at someone. Overpowered sense of smell?

Cut to the outside of a small cream-colored house. There's some snow on the roof. Inside, Tobias is greeting Clark and Chloe, saying it's nice to hear a familiar voice. Clark says he's sorry for what happened. Tobias says he's lucky, but that his parents weren't so. He offers them a nice tea to drink. "Don't make me drink alone," Tobias tells them, strangely. Clark says he'll have a glass. Chloe says that Tobias was at Smallville Lanes the night before, and that he was pointing at someone. Tobias says that, in his condition, he's not doing too much pointing. Chloe and Clark exchange a look. Tobias says that he's on a waiting list for a cornea transplant, as he reaches up on a shelf for a glass. Wouldn't living by himself, blind, have taught him to use plastic cups? Clark offers to help, but Tobias says that he can handle it. He knocks over a glass. It falls in slow motion. Clark superzips over to catch it. Tobias's sunglasses fall off at the same time. He grimaces. Stares at Clark. Puts a hand to his temple. Clark picks up the glasses and gives them to him. Chloe comes over. Tobias is mostly looking at Clark, but Chloe comes over and is close enough that Tobias would have seen her without his glasses. She asks if he's all right. Tobias, breathing hard, says that he's fine, but that he gets raging headaches from the light when he doesn't have his glasses on. He slowly turns away. "Please, just go," he says. Can we take that tea to go? No? In a sippy cup, maybe? All right, then. Just checking. Damn, but we're thirsty.

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