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Chloe Gets Freaky

Outside, Chloe says she thinks that Tobias must have seen something. Clark says that it worries him. He uses his super-hearing. We don't get any special effects -- just a zoom-in on Clark's ear. We hear Tobias calling the doctor and saying, "I found another one." The doctor says that he's at the hospital, and that they'll deal with this later. Clark shits a super brick.

Commercials. They're still using that same "Woo hoo!" song on the Garnier ads? Let it go, people!

The Talon, downstairs. The place is abandoned except for Chloe, who is talking to Jimmy on the phone. He's somehow convinced her that he can come over for the night, even though she has a deadline. "Yeah, I like you a lot, too," she says, and hangs up. Lana is there, waiting. Chloe, surprised, asks if there was a late-night nuptial emergency. Lana says it's not about the wedding. She was just wondering whether Chloe really went out for air the night before, or if there was another reason. Chloe says she was worried that Bowling was another Lana Lang stalker. Chloe quickly changes the subject to her bridesmaid's dress, saying that Lana has amazing taste. Lana, unamused, asks why Chloe is sidestepping discussion about the abduction. Lana says that Chloe must think Lex is involved somehow. Chloe takes a moment, rolling her eyes around to see if there's a diplomatic answer hiding inside her eyelids. Then she says it wouldn't be a huge leap, considering that BfC has a meteor power. Chloe says that the bowling tips came with the added advantage of telekinesis; she thinks that's why BfC was abducted. Lana says that just because someone has an ability, it doesn't make him a bad person. Some of them might use their powers to save people. Chloe, strangely switching to neocon mode, scoffs that the meteor freaks she's met aren't up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Lana says offhandedly that they don't always advertise their powers, and asks how someone would figure out whom to abduct. Chloe fills her in about the blind kid and his ability to sniff out meteor freaks. "What's his name?" Lana asks.

Smallville Medical Center. For once, one of the principal cast members isn't hurt. Clark wanders around until he hears somebody say Dr. Bethany's name. According to the closed captioning, there's also a "Dr. Bender" being called on the intercom. Bite his shiny, medical ass! Clark finds the doctor, who is closing a small laptop. Clark says that he's friends with Tobias, and that he knows Tobias called the doctor today. The doctor confirms that Tobias is a patient of his. Clark asks what that whole "I found another one" thing was about. Clark says that he's worried. Dr. Bethany commends Tobias for having such caring friends, but says that any information he has is confidential. Clark asks if Bowling for Concubine is a patient of Dr. Bethany's. The doctor says that he's never heard of the guy. A nurse comes in, carrying something for Dr. Bethany to sign. The doctor turns. Clark eyes the laptop, and then blows the nurse's folder and papers, sending them flying around the room. Clark superzips out of the frame and then back in, having cleverly stolen a laptop. The nurse apologizes to the doctor and picks up the papers. The doctor looks down and sees that the computer is gone. He stares at Clark. "Where is it?" he asks. Clark asks, "Where's what?" The doctor says that Clark took the computer. Clark gestures at himself like, "Bitch, I'm standing right here, ain't I?" The doctor, very worriedly, makes dramatic faces. Clark leaves. On his way out, Clark grabs the sub-notebook from where he left it on a table in the hallway. Brazen thievery? Really, Clark?

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