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Chloe Gets Freaky

Talon, nighttime. Clark walks into Chloe's apartment without knocking. The fireplace is going, but Chloe's not there. Instead, Jimmy is standing there, worried. Clark could have totally walked in on them boinking on the couch. Or was that what he was going for? Jimmy asks Clark to tell him he knows where Chloe went. Clark doesn't. Jimmy, scared, says that he's starting to freak out a little bit; she's not answering her cell. Clark asks when Jimmy saw her last. Jimmy says that he saw Chloe that morning, and that she's supposed to be working on something, on a deadline. Clark says that she's probably out researching her story. Jimmy says the story is about downtown parking meters. He starts to say what he'll do if anything happens to Chloe, but doesn't finish that thought. Clark hands him the small laptop and asks Jimmy to start seeing if he can break into its files. Jimmy says that Chloe's the one with the "mad techno skills," and that he's just a guy with a camera. Clark zips out of there before Jimmy can finish what he's saying: "...kidnapped girlfriend."

Tobias's house. He's reading a piece of notebook paper covered in Braille. There's a blaze going in the fireplace, which doesn't seem right. Clark is standing behind him, and asks, "Where is Dr. Bethany?" Tobias asks how he got there. Clark says that he's tried to find the doctor at the hospital and by pager; forcefully, he says that the doctor has kidnapped Chloe: "He took my friend. Now where. Is he?" Tobias says that he doesn't understand. Clark grabs him by the shoulders and tells Tobias not to lie. Tobias says that the doctor is supposed to be helping people. Clark says that Chloe is just a witness, moping, "God knows what he'll do to her." Tobias says that she wasn't taken because she was a witness. Clark thinks he's being lured in. "You?" Tobias asks. "Why would he want to do that?" Clark asks why Bethany would take Chloe. Tobias takes a long time to answer, but finally says he thought Clark knew, since they were such close friends. "Knew what?" Clark asks. Tobias says that Chloe's meteor-infected. Dramatic music! Revelation! Clark's tiny mind is blown!

Cut to a bright light. We see Chloe's right eye from the side. Her vision is blurry, but she can make out the shapes of doctors above her. Chloe is strapped to a table. Her mouth is being held open with metal clamps. There are tubes going into her mouth, and her head is held down with a heavy steel band. Cut back to a wider shot. Chloe's flat tummy is exposed. Her chest is covered with a silver strap, holding her down on a table. Her arms are at a 45-degree angle, also pinned down. This is some fucked-up shit right here. Chloe, scared, breathes heavily. Someone in Japan decides to make a pornographic anime out of this. A doctor mumbles that the clock is ticking, and not to waste time. We cut to a wide shot of a scary chamber where round lights illuminate big white panels. There are six doctors around Chloe. The lights go to blue. They do a full-body spectral scan on her, shining a green light up and down her body. It's a Pink Floyd laser light show on her face! Chloe grunts as they keep scanning. They prepare for DNA extraction. A doctor plunges a giant foot-long drill bit into Chloe's belly button. She makes frightened noises. Close-up of her panicked right eye, again from the side. We go to commercials.

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