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Chloe Gets Freaky

Lair of Lex. Dr. Bethany is there. Lex doesn't want to hear about the blind kid's complaints, and says that they'll just fall on deaf ears. Ha. Good one, Lex. Bethany tells him that sensitive information about the project has been misplaced. Lex scoffs. He takes a few delicious moments telling Bethany that car keys and glasses are misplaced, not classified documents. Bethany, really scared, says that his laptop was somehow stolen. All that pr0n! He says that the files could jeopardize their project and obliterate his career. Again with your career, dude. You work at Smallville Medical Center. You aren't exactly in line for a position at Johns Hopkins, all right? Lex says it sounds like a real blunder. He says he hopes, for the doctor's sake, that it hasn't gotten into the wrong hands. Bethany corrects Lex: he says he hopes that for both their sakes. Lex, mad, gets out of his chair and says that he has nothing to do with Bethany or the research. That was their agreement. Bethany, completely fucked, says that there might have been some mention of LuthorCorp in his research. Lex really wants to slap this guy. "Then you give me no choice," he says. Evil! Bethany, on the verge of tears, asks what Lex is implying. Lex leans his head forward and spits that he doesn't tolerate loose ends. And this guy is crazy loose! "Bring me Tobias," says Lex, "unharmed." Lex leaves the room. Bethany drops a few ounces of pee down his pant leg.

House of Tobias. There's a knock at the door. He answers it. Lana Lang! Noooo! She greets him warmly, reminding him that they went to high school together. Tobias says that he hasn't talked to this many Crows since graduation. Sadness. He invites her in. Lana says immediately that she knows about his ability. He says he wouldn't call blindness an ability. He's perfectly handicapable. Lana says she knows that he can identify people who are different. She tells him to stop, because somebody is exploiting his powers. Tobias says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Lana says that she has money. She can put him on a plane and get him far away from here. Isn't that...Lex's money? Won't he mind? Tobias says that he's not going anywhere, since he's in line for a cornea transplant. Lana tells him that he can get the surgery somewhere else, where there aren't any strings attached. Tobias asks why she'd do that for him. Lana says that Tobias may be putting someone at risk. A person who saves lives on a daily basis. Chloe? Very tight close-up on Lana. "I can't let that happen," she says. Tobias thinks about it. "Who told you about me? Clark Kent?" he asks. Lana is surprised. She asks if he told anyone about Clark. "What's to tell?" he asks. Lana says that it's all right. She knows that Clark is infected. Tobias says that she must be talking about a different Clark Kent. The Clark he knows is the most normal guy he's ever met. Dramatic music as we zoom in on Lana, who suddenly isn't so sure of herself. We go to commercials.

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