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Clone Wars

Boy Editor's office. Lois, holding the back of her head, gets up slowly. Lex tries to help her up, but she tells "Holyfield" to move it. She called Lex that because...he didn't punch her with his fists? I can't imagine that this head injury is going to make Lois any less of a dumb shit. She says that she needs to find Chloe. Lex says that Chloe was pulled from the elevator safely. He adds that Adrian escaped, which is almost surely a lie. He says that Boy Editor went to go get medical help for Lois. Lois says that she plans to expose Lex's "morbid science fair" to the world. Lex asks how she'll do that with no evidence. Lex says that Lois is no longer writing the exposé. Lois says that he'll have to take that up with her boss. "I am your boss," says Lex. "Merry Christmas, Lois. I just bought The Daily Planet." Scandal! Stop the presses! They start them again when Lex says so!

Chloe is making copies. Did she go back to the basement after all that? Jimmy walks in, suggesting that she might want to go home early because of the on-the-job stress. Chloe tries to explain the kiss in the elevator. She says that when she thinks the world is ending, she has a habit of grabbing the nearest guy and end up in a liplock. Well yeah, but Jimmy kissed her. "Yeah, me too," says Jimmy. Jimmy corrects himself, saying that he likes to kiss girls, not guys. Obviously. (Though you never know with this show.) "And obviously there's Kara," adds Chloe. Jimmy says that this wasn't about her. He wishes it didn't take a near-death experience for Chloe to tell him the truth. He asks why Chloe thought he wouldn't accept her. Chloe says that the real battle was accepting herself. Jimmy tries to lighten the mood by asking whether her power has anything to do with her supersized brain. Chloe says that her nerd is all-natural. Jimmy thinks that she can fly. Nope, not that one either. Chloe looks around to make sure nobody's watching. She tells Jimmy to watch. She takes his napkin off his bloody finger. Chloe closes her eyes and puts her hands over the finger. Her hands glow orange. Sweet music plays. Chloe looks sad about all this. Then she jerks suddenly. She pulls away, and Jimmy's finger is healed. Chloe shakes her hand like it hurt her. He asks where Chloe was when he played ninth-grade rugby. Chloe says that the side effects aren't worth a trophy. He asks if she's all right. Chloe says that she's fine, but she looks a little ill. She asks if they can keep this between themselves and Chloe's Neosporin. Jimmy promises. He says that she's still the same Chloe. They hug. Chloe finally looks happy. She breathes a sigh of relief. Jimmy stares at his healed finger.

Commercials. Ever since Campbell's Chunky Soup teamed up with the NFL, I feel like the soup has gotten a little bit of attitude. Try as you might, chunky soup, but you still can't kick my ass. Not anymore, anyway.

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