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Clone Wars

Lair of Lex. A woman is presenting him with some acquisition documents. She says that, as of midnight, the paper will belong to Lex. Lex wants names and bios of everyone on staff. He suggests that it's time to get rid of some dead wood. Boy Editor enters the room, annoyed at Lex. "Wonderful," he says sarcastically, "one more piece of my life you can control, starting with my creation." Lex is still pretending that Adrian was crazy and that what he said wasn't true, insisting, "You're my brother." Boy Editor says that he's an experiment. He thinks that Lex's cracks are starting to show. Maybe he needs new pants. Boy Editor asks whether Lex really thought he could keep this a secret, or if it was worth the risk to mean something to someone. "You can't punish me for wanting a family," says Lex calmly. Boy Editor doesn't exactly like being close to someone who destroys everything he touches. Lex says that his brother is different. "If I didn't love you, you wouldn't be here," Lex says. Boy Editor says that he's living proof that Lex has forgotten how to love. He asks Lex to remember God's greatest gift: free will. I though it was naked babes in the Garden of Eden. Boy Editor asks Lex to let him live his life. He walks out before Lex can answer.

The apartment at The Talon. The apartment is decorated with lights, tinsel at the bar, and a Christmas tree. Lois sits on the floor, cutting a piece of paper. There's a knock at the door. It's Boy Editor. Lois thinks she's fired. Sad girly emo music plays. Lois says that she just finished putting the bells and whistles on her résumé. "I would hire me in a second," she says. She was making her résumé with scissors? I sure hope Lois is serious about self-employment. Boy Editor says that Lois isn't fired. He tells her Lex specifically requested she stay on the team. She says that she can't wait to see Lex dull his shredder with her stories. "You want to bury the truth, buy the media," he replies. Lois seductively says that since he showed up in person, he must be ready to spread some good news. Is that what she's calling her legs these days? She asks whether the house call means they're coming out. Boy Editor says it actually means they're breaking up. Lois is a little surprised, and tries to talk it off. Boy Editor says that the events of the day show why it's not a good idea that they stay together. He says it's too complicated. Lois mopes that she didn't even drag him to all the places where she usually messes up her relationships. He rubs it in that whomever she ends up with will be a lucky guy. Really? Perhaps he'll be the unluckiest man who ever lived! Lois promises that she sure won't be working with that guy. She asks how they're going to do this: she asks if she'll take the stairs and he'll take the elevator. He tells her not to be ridiculous: "I'll take the stairs." He leans forward for a kiss. Lois stops him with her hand. He backs away and leaves her there. Lois gets teary.

Kent farm, daytime. The horses wish they were indoors. Chloe is on the couch with Clark. She's deciphered the hex code, and tells him to consider it a gift for channeling his inner Bruce Willis. Clark apologizes for taking so long to get to the elevator: "I don't know where I'd be without you." Chloe says that she missed Clark. Chloe says that the hex code didn't make sense to her, but the computer deciphered it just fine. It's an error message a computer makes when it can't boot up. Clark says it's repeating. The computer keeps trying to start. Chloe thinks the sequence is learning from its mistakes and getting closer to loading. Clark looks worried. He says that the black liquid is evolving into a technology that can kill. He says that it's the Brain-Interactive Construct. Brainiac! Chloe asks whether he thinks this is Milton Fine. She says that Clark turned of General Zod's PDA after he spread his computer virus to the world. Clark says that if any part of Fine was left behind, it could be out there, regenerating. Lana arrives, carrying coffee and treats. Chloe says that she was just leaving. Lana asks if Chloe wants to stay; she says she overloaded on Danishes. Chloe says that Lois is taking her out for breakfast: she deemed it National Chloe Sullivan Day. Can't they all go out for breakfast together? Chloe says that she'll call Clark. Clark asks what the occasion is. For coffee and Danishes? Clark is super-deprived. Lana says it's to celebrate Clark's return from the Fortress. She says that Christmas came early this year. Clark says that he missed that smile. "Me too," says Lana. She hasn't looked in a mirror in weeks. Lana says that she worried she'd scare Clark away with all the information she shared the day before. Now, she's never felt closer. Clark says he realized while he was gone that good or bad feelings don't just disappear, no matter who you are. Uh, thanks? Lana asks if they're still talking about Lex. "I'm talking about us," he says. He gets closer to her. He says that when he saw her in the barn the day before, he felt like he was falling in love with her again for the first time. They kiss. Then hug. We look over Lana's shoulder at Clark's face. It suddenly flashes in the pattern of Bizarro Clark. Scary!

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