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Clone Wars

We see footage from a hidden camera. Adrian tells Lois to smile for the nice people. She has a heart-shaped brooch on her lapel that is actually a hidden camera. Lois tries to smile, and it's a sad, pathetic little thing. Adrian is talking to Lois through an earpiece she's wearing, while he sits in his high-tech surveillance pod. Lois is carrying a bag that Adrian gave her. "My finger's on the detonator," he warns. He reminds her that if she doesn't get a confession, or if she warns anyone about what's going on, Chloe dies.

For some reason, Clark and Lana are now at the newspaper, walking around freely like they work there. Clark says that the woman in the coma was speaking in a hex code. Lana asks if that's like a Kryptonian pattern of zeroes and ones. Clark says that Chloe once translated a code Papa Luthor was speaking; he wonders if Chloe might be able to translate this one. They go to Chloe's desk, but she's gone. They didn't try to call first?

Lois, on hidden camera, goes to Boy Editor's office. Boy Editor and Lex are waiting there for her. Lex steps to Lois and shakes her hand, saying it's been a while; he hasn't seen her since he caught her breaking in to his office. Lois sits down nervously and says, "Big story." Boy Editor thinks Lois should just ask her questions. He has to sit in on the interview? Adrian, in Lois's ear, tells her to ask about Project Gemini. Lois does. Lex looks amused: "Excuse me?" Lois says that her sources tell her Lex is running an ant farm, but instead of ants, it's humans, and instead of a farm, it's a lab. From there, the analogy continues to break down. Much like an ant farm when you step on it. Boy Editor steps around the desk to stop her, for some reason. Lex says that Lois isn't renowned for her eloquence (and how!), but that he has no idea what she's talking about. Lois says, "Human cloning!" and then explains what cloning is for the one person in the audience who doesn't understand. Lex snarks that he didn't know Lois would be pitching him a Hollywood movie. Lois is a pretty bad interviewer. She should have buttered him up first with questions about his awesome bald head or a compliment on his jacket. As he prepares to walk out,Lex asks Boy Editor what kind of paper he's running here. Obviously, it's the incompetent kind.

Adrian tells Lois to reveal him. "Adrian sends his best," Lois says. That causes Lex to turn at the door. He asks whether that name should mean something. Adrian tells Lois to dig inside the purse. She does, and says, "Oh my God." There's a gun in there. Adrian tells her to point it at Boy Editor and get the truth. Lois points it at Lex instead, saying it's time for the truth. And then she spins and points it at Boy Editor: "Or Grant dies." Everyone tries to reason with Lois, loudly. Lois says there's no time. She asks Lex why Adrian has memories of a life that doesn't exist. Lex insists that he doesn't know Adrian. Lois says that she wrote a story, and rattles off some facts about him: he grew up outside Philly, played point guard for Homestead High, got his first job on the obituary beat at the Liberty Times. Lois starts to talk about his stints as an editor. Lex grabs an award from a nearby shelf and clobbers Lois on the head with it. "What are you doing!?" Boy Editor demands. Lex, kneeling over Lois's unconscious body, says that someone was pulling her strings. Lex pulls off the camera brooch. He says he took Lois out of the equation. Boy Editor is annoyed that Lex stopped her from speaking the truth. He says that those were his memories. Lex says that the information about Boy Editor is everywhere.

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