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Chloe Lives!

Livin' in the penitentiary. Papa Luthor, wearing an orange jumpsuit, congratulates Lex. For the shiv'ing, I'm assuming. Papa reminds Lex of his saying: you shouldn't wound what you cannot kill. Papa Luthor looks toward the waiting cell block. It doesn't look very friendly. A cell door opens. Papa Luthor waits at the threshold and looks back at Lex. Lex says he wouldn't have missed this for the world. Papa Luthor enters the prison area, and convicts are on him immediately, checking out his cookies, as it were. He's gonna be a Magnificent Meat Puppet. Those extras must have gotten paid extra to look extra lascivious. Lex cracks a very amused smile.

The Talon at night. Lana is upstairs near the apartment door, throwing cardboard boxes over the railing. Music starts to play as Lana hears a noise from downstairs. We also hear the beginning of an acoustic version of that Maroon 5 song, "She Will be Loved." Oh. Gawd. Lana peeks downstairs. It's Jason, her Paris boyfriend, with a small bouquet of red roses. "Hi," he says. It's not exactly "You complete me," or holding up a boombox with "In Your Eyes," is it? Jason asks if he's freaking out Lana with the whole "Cary Grant moment." It's freaking me out. Dude, I don't even know you and I can already tell you that you're no Cary Grant. Lana comes down the stairs and asks what he's doing there. Holding flowers and comparing himself to Cary Grant. Couldn't you tell? Jason says he's giving her time. For sex. Lana takes the flowers and says they're beautiful. He pulls out a letter he says he found. "Jason, I went back home. I wish I had time to explain." That was Lana's goodbye? And he went after her? Surely the shitty way she brushed him off must have been some clue as to her undesirability as a mate. This guy must be as dumb as she is. "So, now you do," Jason tells her. Yeah, bitch, explain. Lana scoffs. She says she's sorry. For ditching him. She doesn't know what to say. How about "I suck"? "Sorry you flew all the way from Paris for this bag of dysfunction"? Jason says he tried to convince himself that this wasn't about him. He turns to go. Lana stops him. RUN! Dude, fucking RUN! Lana says she's not sorry to see him. Uh, thanks? She says he came all this way, and she wishes she had a better explanation. He asks if the explanation is for why she left or why she left him. "You know how I feel about you!" Lana says. You ditched him. What's he supposed to think? Lana says that hasn't changed. But, she says, she can't go back. He says he didn't come back to get her: "I came here to be with you." The song begins to drive the point home. "She will be loved! She will be loved!"

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