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Children of the Carnage

They move to the bedroom. At some point, they fetched an impressive assortment of candles. (It's times like this that it must be handy to have a super-speedy boyfriend, who can redecorate the boudoir before the moment's gone.) Clark falls back onto the bed, sans shirt, with Lois on top of him. It's all slow motion and tastefully done, with closeups of their backs and hands clasping, but I'm not going to write down a play-by-play. The amount of rewatching and pausing involved makes one feel a tad voyeuristic. At the end, the camera pans modestly toward the floor and the scene fades to black.

The lights come up again in Li'l Lex's bedroom. The floor is littered with his frantically scribbled drawings of Clark's S-shield. We follow the pages like stepping stones and wind up at Li'l Lex's feet. Locks of his bright red hair lie on the floor, and more drift down like the molted feathers of a baby bird. An electric shaver falls from his hand. He stands before a mirror, stark bald. For a long while, he stares at the floor, then slowly lifts his gaze to see his reflection. His mouth quirks in a small, satisfied smile. The camera shrinks away so that we can see his newly Lexian silhouette framed against the bedroom window. Poor Connor Stanhope. Did he have to shave his head again for this role? An eerie hum of music and the screen fading to black sees us off for the week.

This recap turned out a bit shorter than past recaps. Why? There was less dialog. The whole show wasn't made up of people just standing around in pairs, gabbing at each other endlessly. Stuff actually happened. There was action! By that, I don't mean the fistfight kind, but the kind where characters are actually moving the story and moving through the story. Because of that, the momentum and pacing were good. It was a nice change of pace to see people interacting in groups, even if they were groups of crazy cultists. More of this would be most welcome. Tune in next week to see if this continues. In the meanwhile, take the poll to the right or let me know what you thought of the episode via Twitter or email.

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