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Children of the Carnage

Time passes, as evidenced by the clouds that skid across the sky at a sped-up pace. Clark returns at super-speed, fixed tire in hand, but finds the snazzy red convertible abandoned. Lois, the little girl and the cart of (probably) evil lemonade are nowhere to be seen. "Lois?" Clark calls out. The empty road stretches into the mountains. He gets no answer. Somebody save us from seemingly polite little children! Seriously, trusting any kid is an iffy prospect, but the angelically nice ones? Shudder.

Clark is still calling out to Lois after Remy Zero have finished making their pleas. He checks his phone. Still no signal. Clark struggles to get the tire into the trunk. He cuts his hand on the rim and stares down at the wound in shock. At the same moment, a young deputy pulls up in a patrol car and offers to help. "My girlfriend, she's missing," Clark says. He says they had a bit of an argument before he went into town to get a flat tire fixed. Now he can't find her. The deputy, who doesn't introduce himself but wears a tag that says "S. Ellis," sees Clark's bloody hand and offers him a hanky. Still looking at the wound, Ellis asks, "How bad was your little argument?" Clark, seeing where this is going, explains he cut his hand on the tire rim. He describes Charlotte and her cart, but Ellis scoffs at the idea of little girls showing up in the middle of nowhere. Clark insists he knows what he saw. Ellis suggests they go to the station, but Clark doesn't want to go anywhere without Lois. Clark looks around and finds a nail-studded chunk of wood lying in the road. "This must be what we ran over," he says. "Now, if our blowout wasn't an accident, someone could have done this on purpose." Well, yes, that would be the opposite of an accident. Ellis tries again to get Clark to hit the road, but Clark finds a fresh set of wheel tracks leading off a logging road. Suspicious! Ellis agrees to help him find Lois.

Charlotte and Lois are taking a horse-powered tour through a lush green valley. "Look at you drive that horse," Lois says. "At your age, the best I could do was drive my dad crazy." Charlotte chuckles politely. They ride into a rustic little town nestled amongst towering pines and mounds of ferny undergrowth. Charlotte says her father will take Lois the rest of the way to the train station in town. "As long as I can make the express back to cover the rally, I'm happy," Lois says. "I am not gonna miss out on a front page story just because he thinks I can't take care of myself." Another polite chuckle from Charlotte as she looks forward to Lois's demise. As for the town, it's populated by a congregation calling themselves "Believers" who moved from Idaho. The potatoes were just too impertinent, with all those eyes of theirs. As the ladies slow to a stop and hop down from the buggy, Lois notes that the town seems to be getting ready for something. It's the Harvest Festival, Charlotte tells her. A matronly woman sees them from her front porch and hurries down to greet them. "Bless us, child!" she says. "Did you bring a guest to our home unannounced, when we're unprepared to welcome them?" So they're "Believers" in passive-aggressiveness. I have an immediate distrust of this woman because she just looks like someone who would commit ritualistic murder. She's Ruth Cavanaugh, and she promises that her husband will take Lois to the train station after dinner. Lois, trying hard to be polite, offers to walk there if someone could just point her in the right direction. Ruth insists Lois stay, and Lois, sensing no impending murder, finally relents.

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