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Children of the Carnage

As Ruth leads Lois into her house, little Charlotte bounds over to her father. "Did you see her, Father?" Her father, duded up like an Amish man minus the Abe Lincoln beard, touches his daughter's face. "Good work, Child," he says. "You've saved us all." Charlotte's cheeks are rosy with murderous pride.

Luthor Mansion. It's Alexander's birthday. Children sit around a table bedecked in purple finery and pretzels, cheering as Tess brings out a cake lit up with thirteen candles. (Did Tess order those kids out of a catalog? It's not like Alexander would have any real friends.) Alexander, now being played once more by Connor Stanhope, blows out all the candles and gives Tess a tight hug. She closes her eyes for a moment, overwhelmed. "Thank you," he says. "This is the best party ever!" [Does he really have a lot to compare it to, since he lived in a lab before last week? - Zach] Tess excuses herself, promising to be back later for cake, and leaves the room. The children talk amongst themselves, ignoring Alexander. He doesn't notice, though, because he's become fixated on the red candle he's just plucked from his cake.

Out in the hall, Tess is met by a woman in a dark suit. "My team is still searching for a remedy," the woman says, "but I don't want to make any false promises." She says that Alexander's condition appears to be irreversible. The rapid growth will cause his body to eventually "give out." Tess, her voice cracking, says that's not good enough. He's already aged four years in two weeks. [Did they choose the number of candles on the cake based on his estimated biological age? Will he have his 15th birthday party next week, with all-new kids? - Zach] Tess still insists on keeping him at home, instead of at a research facility, because she wants him to believe he's a normal boy. He's not normal and he never will be, the doctor insists. "I just want to protect him," Tess says. "I want to give him a second chance." Inside the room, the birthday boy is frantically using the red crayon to draw something on a paper plate. In the hall: "Dr. Lamell, I know that you had a hand in the horrors that Lex Luthor committed in his labs over the years," Tess says. She's not blackmailing this woman, but trying to appeal to her desire for redemption. Lamell does want to make things right. Tess promises not to let Alexander become Lex. Their discussion is interrupted when a scream comes from the party. Tess rushes in and finds Alexander twitching on the floor. As Lamell tends to Alexander, Tess catches sight of the boy's paper plate drawing. She's horrified to see Clark's S-shield symbol scrawled in red.

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