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Children of the Carnage

Village of the Damned. Villagers are making a right purty altar out of the town bell, surrounding it with dried cornstalks and candles. Clark and Lois try to walk through the crowd unnoticed, but a woman approaches Lois and offers her a bouquet of flowers for the festival. Lois, her face covered by a cloak, reaches for the flowers, but her scarlet nails give her away. The woman grabs her wrist, shouting, "It's you!" Lois punches her. Clark and Lois run. The torch-bearing mob chases after them, as torch-bearing mobs are wont to do. Lois trips and falls. Clark helps her up but a black horse rears up in front of them, blocking their path out of town. The horse's rider wears a creepy burlap mask reminiscent of Scarecrow's headgear of choice. More villagers close in on them. Several others wear similar masks. One of them steps forward, removing his mask. It's Mr. Cavanaugh. "You will be offered up tonight," he says. Clark gets between them. Cavanaugh, invoking the Lord's will, whips out a sickle and slices Clark in the gut. Clark falls to the ground as Lois is carried away, screaming and struggling to no avail.

The villagers tie Lois up at their makeshift altar. Above her, the bell is upended and filled with burning blue Kryptonite. I have to say, I'm impressed they went with a realistically modest gown for Lois. I fully expected them to strip her to her undies or at least stick her in something transparent, given the show's tendency to tart up their heroine whenever possible. Cavanaugh approaches, wearing a beatific smile. "You didn't have to kill him," Lois sobs. Cavanaugh disagrees: "He would have told others about us; no one can keep us from our holy task." He pets Lois's hair in a way that's both soothing and very, very wrong. Lois calls him a murderer. "Whatever happened to 'Thou shalt not kill'?" she asks. Cavanaugh says they're only doing what God did, sacrificing a young woman with "fire from above," just as their daughter was. Lois tries to reason with him, sympathize with the pain of losing his daughter, but pointing out that Esther would be ashamed. Cavanaugh accuses her of being faithless. "Faith has nothing to do with following this misguided messiah," she says, trying to appeal to whatever common sense these village folk might still have. She and Cavanaugh argue back and forth over right and wrong, vying for the hearts of the flock. Cavanaugh makes the winning argument by promising that a vengeful God will take one of their daughters next. Lois pleads once more, quietly, intensely for sanity to prevail, but Cavanaugh shushes her with a finger to her lips. She pushes his hand away. I would have bitten that thing off.

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