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Children of the Carnage

Luthor Mansion. Tess regards a vial of purplish fluid she holds in her hand. A cozy fire burns in the fireplace, but Tess doesn't seem comforted. "Is this all you were able to make?" she asks. Dr. Lamell is standing behind her. "Considering we only just found the research," she says, "we were only able to synthesize a small amount." She promises it's just a start. Tess looks thoughtful and drinks some whiskey. She thought Alexander's condition was supposed to be irreversible. Lamell mentions "scouring the LuthorCorp database" and finding Peter Dinsmore's work. She should have just looked it up in the Smallville recap archives like I did. "He cloned his own daughter," Lamell says. "And encountered the same accelerated mitosis complication." Damn, Emily Dinsmore was creepy. Remember that tea party she had with that bunny and Lionel Luthor? Shudder. Tess pours herself some more booze and contemplates saving Alexander. "This could be the redemption we've both been praying for," Lamell says. Tess walks to the fire, tells Lamell of how badly she wanted to save Alexander. Her eyes brim with tears. She wipes them away with an agitated flick of her hand. Then, to Lamell's horror, Tess throws the vial of serum into the fire. "Destroy all of your research," Tess tells her. "And in the morning, he'll be locked up again for everyone's safety." Why wait till morning? If you're convinced he's irredeemably evil, why would you wait? Lamell argues that Alexander will be dead within six weeks without the cure. "That's the point," Tess says. "Because he's not just a clone, he is Lex Luthor." Yeah, but... you have a cure! If you stop the accelerated growth, you have more time to show him life's not so bad! There's no need to become a supervillain! Also, Clark's less of an asshole this time around! He probably wouldn't jerk you around so much! Alas, I am in the real world and they are on TV, so they don't hear my silly words of logic or see my many exclamation points of persuasion.

Kent Farm. A new day dawns through the hayloft window. Clark, for some reason, is studying what appear to be the remains of his scorched shirt. Lois walks up the steps, greeting him with that morning's Daily Planet. "Rural Cultists Arrested for Murder," the headline reads. "It seems our 'Stephen King's romp in the backwoods' bumped Cat Grant's anti-hero crusade from column one." She gives him a big smile. Clark returns her smile. "Leave it to Lois and Clark to turn a quiet day in the country into a major scoop." The cherry festival people are probably pissed to have missed out on the publicity. Clark turns pensive, wishing they could have found the Believers earlier and saved more lives. He doesn't understand how the Believers' faith led them down such a dark path. Lois thinks maybe people were looking for something that will give them hope in the midst of chaos. "Now more than ever, the world needs someone to believe in," she says. Given that these people eschewed contact with the outside world, they probably would never hear of the Blur, or, later, Superman. Or if they did, they'd think he was a false god, or at least wicked for wearing bright red panties with such blatant pride. Clark is a little leery of what Lois is getting at, but she asks him to hear her out. "I wasn't a big fan of Oliver's coming out party, and I used to think it was best for you to stay in the shadows, too, but maybe someday soon you'll have to step into the light." May 2011, anyone? Lois tells him he can be a symbol to inspire people. "I'm not sure anyone's ready to believe in a stranger from a strange land," he says. She steps toward him. "If they know the real Clark Kent, then I'm sure that the rest of the world will believe in you as much as I do." He apologizes for being overprotective of her, but she realizes she needed his help. "Damn right you did!" he says in my mind. On my TV, the new, less-assholey Clark is all about sharing credit. Lois saved his life, too. They promise to always be there for each other. Clark, moved, gives her his diary of Kryptonian recipes and whatnots. "I want you to know me completely with no secrets," he says, taking her face in his hands. "'Cause you're the one. Always will be." Strummy guitar music starts playing. You know what's coming, right? Some serious grokking, that's what. They kiss and kiss and the diary, now forgotten, slips from Lois's hands.

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