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Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Lana on tape. It's virginity, half-lies and digital videotape. She says that she's been trying to do this video, but it's been a crazy week. She says it's given her a chance to figure out what she wants to say. There's a knock at the door.

It's Clark. He offers to give Lana a hand with her repairs. But can you mend a broken heart, Clark? CAN YOU?! Lana says that the Talon is almost ready for its grand re-opening. Again? This place has had, like, six openings. Lana adds that she still hasn't figured out how to use the new espresso machine. It's big and copper-looking. Having just come back from Seattle, I'm totally drooling for quality java. Clark sees it and calls the machine "very Italian." Lana says it was a gift from Lex, who is a hot cup of Joe himself. He also sent roses and is going to rework the contract so that a takeover attempt won't happen again. Lana says she heard what happened with Lex and Bo. "Lucky you were there," she says. Lana says it's funny that Desiree seduced everyone but Clark. Gay! Gay! Gay! She's like the Rachel Dratch character on SNL who has no Gaydar. Clark says Desiree must not have been his type. He likes the Estelle Getty type. Lana asks how Clark escaped from jail. Clark explains about the fire. Lana probes some more: "Three fires. You were there all three times." Clark just grins stupidly: "Weird coincidence, huh?" Lana totally knows. Clark asks about the video. She says she decided to tell Jocko how she really feels. She says it wasn't fair not to be honest. "Having a relationship based on secrets and lies is doomed to fail," she says. Ouch, Clark. Should have moved in when you had the chance. Meaningful WB looks exchanged. "Don't you think so, Clark?" she asks. He looks mournful. "Absolutely," he says. Lana notices that the heat wave has broken. It's raining. "I should let you finish," Clark says. What about the offer to help with the repairs, flameboy? He says bye and leaves. Lana sighs. She turns back to the camera as strummy girlrock plays. She turns on the cam. "Whitney. I care about you very much," she says as we zoom in on the viewfinder image. "...and I always will. But we promised that we'd be honest with each other. And the truth is..." Lana pauses. Before she can continue, we go to black.

Wow. I feel so dirty. I need a shower now. Next week: the ship, discovered! A friendship, changed! My hands, cramping!

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