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The Dread Zone

Lair of Lex. Lana knocks on the door and lets herself in. Lana's responding to an important message from Lex. She asks if something's wrong. He says he heard there was an incident at The Talon the night before. Lex's ears glow orange from the light behind him. Lex says that some neighbors heard Lana's tenant screaming. Who even lives on the block? It's not residential. Lana says that "incident" is a pretty strong word. She says her tenant just had a bad dream. Lex says it's not the first time, and that he can read an invoice. There are charges for broken windows, replacing furniture...Lex asks if there's something Lana isn't telling him. He says that Poor Man's Wes Bentley's behavior is unusual. He comes up close: "When you're on the rebound, it's easy to allow your emotions to outweigh your common sense." Oh, it doesn't just take a rebound for that when it comes to Lana. Lana says it's not personal: the dude has been a help at The Talon, and putting up with nightmares is a small price to pay. Lex says it's her call, but he pulls out the "you have to ask yourself" dialogue card to warn her that she really doesn't know much about her new friend.

High-school hallway. Chloe makes strange facial expressions as she walks into what looks like a metal shop class. She sees Poor Man's Wes Bentley hunched over. He gets up, throws something in the trash, rolls down his shirt sleeve, and walks out of the room through another exit, looking dazed. Chloe comes over to see what he was doing. She uses a cloth to fish a hypodermic needle out of the trash. "Whoa," she says. He stole Jack Bauer's drug habit!

Torch. Chloe takes off her jacket and tells Clark that she just had a "Mega Real World moment" with Poor Man's Wes Bentley. She stops herself from telling the story when Clark scowls. Clark says he found something: he's got a news story pulled up from The Ledger about L'il Dead Zone (pictured with his dad) screaming his head off at a carnival and predicting that a woman standing in line with him was going to die on a roller coaster. The news story has the phrases "meteor shower" and "went ballistic." Chloe did some courthouse research and found out that the kid was born on the day of the meteor shower (which is also in The Ledger story, but I guess she didn't read that far). Clark says that according to Chloe's documents, the kid's mother died the day he was born. Um, that was also in the Ledger story right on the screen. Did Clark not read it either? Clark says she died from a direct hit from a meteor. "As one life ends, another begins," Chloe says smugly. Or as they say in the baking industry, "Gotta make the pancakes." Clark says that must be the connection: "Mix that with the meteor rocks, and you could be entering John Edward territory." North Carolina? Chloe and Clark notice some scuffling outside the door. People are rushing to get outside. "This can't be good," Chloe says. They hear yelling. Clark says it's L'il Dead Zone.

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