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The Dread Zone

Outside, L'il Dead Zone is pleading with Cheerleader Girl, who is near tears and trying to get away from him. He yells that he's trying to help her. Clark approaches. As a crowd watches, L'ilDZ begs to walk Cheerleader Girl home. "You don't understand! It's not what you think!" he screams. I totally used to ask girls out just like this. "Leave me alone!" she screams back. Clark asks what's going on. L'ilDZ says he has to help her. Clark asks what's going to happen to her. "She's going to die, Clark!" he whines. He repeats it, and chases after the girl, running across the field. Clark looks after him thinking, "Poor, luckless bastard."

Commercials. Reba's still on the air?

We return to L'il Dead Zone running across the Smallville High track. Clark superzips behind him to catch up. "My father was right, Clark!" he bitches. "This was a mistake." L'ilDZ says he should have never come to the school. Clark tells the kid that he believes him. After all that, L'ilDZ denies that he saw Cheerleader Girl's forthcoming death. "I know about the roller coaster," Clark says. Clark asks what he saw when he touched Cheerleader Girl. "I saw fire..." he says. Fiya! In ya HOUSE! He saw smoke. She was screaming and couldn't breathe. He says he had to warn her. Clark says maybe they still can.

Cut to the two of them walking along without a care in the world. Clark says that Cheerleader Girl's house is around the corner. "These visions -- when they hit, what are they like?" Clark asks. L'il Dead Zone says it's like a curtain is being pulled back just long enough to see the moment the person dies. Clark asks if L'ilDZ has ever been able to stop the visions from coming true. He hasn't -- he and his dad would call police and paramedics, but nobody took them seriously. He says that people have always died, except for when Clark saved the coach. "How did you do it?" L'ilDZ asks Clark. He says he had a vision of Clark in the hallway. Naked. Wanting. But the other vision showed that Clark doesn't have an end like other people. "It's like you live forever," he tells Clark. Clark tries to laugh it off. L'il Dead Zone thinks Clark is different, and thinks he can stop Cheerleader Girl's death. They arrive at a house, where upset people are talking to Sheriff Cheshire. "Mr. Kent," she says when she sees them, "why am I not surprised?" The sheriff says they just found Cheerleader Girl's car abandoned off the highway. Wait, didn't she just leave the school, like, five minutes ago? She drove home? Didn't the kid want to walk her there? Is this a whole other show we're watching now? Wow, Smallville. Fucked again. Cheshire says that there were signs of a struggle. With the script, maybe. She asks if he's L'il Dead Zone. She says she heard he got into an argument with the girl that day. Clark says he was there and it wasn't a big deal. Just some "you're going to die!" warnings is all. The sheriff says she has a missing girl. That makes everything a big deal. She's been missing for almost twenty minutes! You heartless bastard! "We better talk," she tells L'il Dead Zone.

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