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The band continues to play, unaware of the insult they're adding to Pete's injury. The crowd claps along. Yay, Pete!

Papa Luthor's office. He finds Clark lying on the floor. He puts the Kryptonite away and asks what happened. Clark, better, says, "You and I need to talk." But first, he says, he has to stop Pete from making a huge mistake. Huger than killing Lex Luthor? Because that sounds like a mistake somebody should have made a long time ago. Clark whooshes out of the room. Papa Luthor opens the box on the floor. He must realize the bracelet is missing.

The band is still playing the same song as Pete's hands are tied behind his back. Lex says he needs that bracelet. He asks for the last time. Pete lies that he doesn't have it and never did. Lex nods to the henchman. The guy pulls up Pete's arms behind him. Ouchie! Pete screams. The scream artfully cuts to the lead singer wailing at the same time. It's just as painful.

We cut back to the factory room where a red and blue blur knocks the henchman into the air. Lex looks around. The blur suddenly knocks Lex into the air, too, sending into a somersault that knocks him out before he's even hit the ground, face-first. Clark unties Pete. The crowd goes wild. Clark asks if he's all right. "Yeah," Pete says. Pete haltingly says that the best thing about knowing Clark's secret is being able to say, "Thank you." Clark just stares at him. Did you forget you just put Kryptonite on my chest? You fucking asshole? Don't even pull that "best friends" shit on me. Go chew some poisoned Stride-brand gum.

Commercials. The Macbook Air. Overpriced, underpowered, but pretty as Hell. Your supermodel awaits.

Kent Farm. The cows have returned from their strike. They got an extra four cents for each cow scene once the episodes appear on DVD. And those pennies are paid in grass, so they're pretty happy. Clark and Pete come inside the kitchen. Pete's arm is in a sling. He says one-on-one was a lot more fun when he had powers. Probably when you had two arms, also. Clark, smiling, says that even without powers, Pete was always at a disadvantage. Maybe because you're a foot taller, Clark? Pete apologizes for the stuff he said the day before. He says Clark's not the reason his life has ended up the way it has. Clark says that the Kryptonite may have made him "A little amped," but that Pete wasn't wrong. Clark says he wonders every day what it would be like not to have to live a lie. Pete says he understands now how hard it is to be Clark. Pete says he was always a little jealous of Clark's life and that it was easier to blame him. "I'm sorry," he says. Pete smiles. He says it's time to make a change. Pete thinks there's a hero inside of him, but he has to find another way to save the world.

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