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Daily Planet. Pete shows up. Chloe asks if he's the Barry Bonds Pete or the Hank Aaron Pete. Wow. That was actually very topical, show. Bravo. Pete says it's "100 percent Pete Ross." He apologizes. Chloe thanks Pete for risking his life to save her secret. Chloe says it's her definition of "hero." This show is using the word "hero" more than Heroes. Pete says Lex told him that Chloe has a power. Pete says she doesn't have to tell him what it is. Maybe she could heal that arm. Nah. Too much hassle. Pete pulls a rose from his pocket and says it's for destroying her computer. Thanks, Product Placement Pete! That's a pretty even trade. Sure you don't want to yell, "Yeah, FTD!" for old times' sake? Chloe makes him promise not to let another light year pass before he visits again. They hug for a long time. Jimmy shows up. Dark music plays. Jealous Jimmy! Pete says he hopes there's no hard feelings, but he's decided to live anonymously and not reveal his powers in print. Jimmy, who has flat hair this week, says he understands. Pete pops a piece of gum in his mouth as he's about to leave. "Pete!" Chloe says. Pete pulls out his minty box of Stride gum and says, "Relax. It's Kryponite free." Well, that's no fucking fun. Enjoy your 10 seconds of flavor. Pete tosses Chloe the pack of gum as they say goodbye. Jimmy asks if Chloe and Pete will be hanging out together. He says it seems like "Gumby found his Pokey." Do...what? Jeez, Jimmy. Shut up. Chloe says they're just friends. Not that it's any of Jimmy's business. Chloe asks how date night with Kara went. Jimmy says she's great but that the spark has fizzled. Maybe because she lost her memory? Chloe says she's sorry. "No, you're not," Jimmy says. Jimmy realizes what he said and backtracks, saying he hopes Chloe's not sorry. He sighs. Jimmy says he's not sorry. He asks if there's any interest in seeing if they can breathe some fire into their ember over coffee. Chloe smiles. She offers to bring the butane. Oh, don't hurt Hank Hill like that. Propane all the way, Chloe.

One Republic's ubiquitous hit plays. I know it's a hit, because I don't even listen to FM radio anymore and I've heard "Apologize." Kent Farm. In slow motion, Clark walks across the ground floor of the barn as the camera pans across. Clark goes to his very obvious hiding place in the floor and opens up the trap door. He takes Kara's bracelet and puts it in a decorative lead box. He places the box in the floor and closes the door. And stay down there!

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