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Omar G: D+ | 2 USERS: D-

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex stands facing the stained-glass window behind his desk. He stares. Lex's lady assistant comes in. The music volume is lowered as she tells Lex that she checked in with the Metropolis Observatory. They say that the last time the constellation in the Luthor family crest appeared in that formation, it was October 7, 1989. Lex says it was the day of the first meteor shower. She says there's something else. She pulls a photo of a constellation away to reveal sets of numbers circled in red ink, but we don't stay on it long enough to see what it is. Just then, Kara, wearing a comfy and tight white winter top, knocks on the door. The assistant takes her cue and leaves. Kara says, "Sorey." Lex says that Kara is always welcome here. She says she was hoping Lex would say that. Kara says she doesn't trust Clark and Lana anymore and doesn't want to live with them anymore. She asks Lex if she can stay here. "With you," she says. Is that a come-on? I think it's a come-on. Lex smirks. Hell yes, you can stay here. Lex closes the double doors slowly. If she doesn't know about her powers, could she cut his penis off by accident if they have sex? Something to think about until next week. We go to black.

Next week: some evil stuff goes down, or so the trailer would suggest. It's Clark in a box! Which I guess counts as a dick in a box.

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