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Kent Farm. The cows are raving it up at the Stride gum factory. Clark, blue t-shirt attired, bounds down the stairs. He says that at least Kara didn't forget how to use up all the hot water. Oh, you! Clark stops in mid-step as he notices Papa Luthor sitting on a stool at the kitchen island. Oh, please, Clark, do go on about Kara and hot showers. Papa likey. Papa says that it seems Kara still hasn't recovered her memory. Kara who? Lana, who doesn't like Papa Luthor sitting in this house drinking her shitty coffee, gives Clark a sharp look. Clark walks further into the kitchen, saying that the poor girl still thinks she's from Minnesota, and that the more she digs into her past, the more she'll realize it's a poorly constructed lie held together with weak twine and day-old Stride gum. Papa Luthor asks if taking her to the Fortress might speed up the process. Clark, pouring himself a giant orange juice, says the last time he went up there, Jarnelle held him prisoner. Clark doesn't look at Lana as he says this, but you know he's thinking, "And I can't afford that, because Lana might fuck some alien imposter while I'm gone. So, no. I'm staying right here, thanks."

Clark thinks it's time to tell the truth. "She won't believe you," Lana says. Well, not with that attitude! Yeah, it's not like Clark has some superpowers he could display that might convince her otherwise. Lana says they have to protect her. Papa Luthor agrees. He says she's been visiting Lex. Clark squints really hard. It hurts to have two people saying things at the same time that make you think. Why won't they stop? Lana says it makes sense. Lex found Kara and she trusts him. She doesn't even mind that he was faking being a stranger while she was a waitress. Clark remembers her Kryptonian bracelet. Papa, sneaky-sneaky, says he thought it had gone missing. Clark thinks there must be some way to find it. Papa, not very smooth, says, "Mmm" and pretends to look at his watch and be late for something. "Yes, there must be some way to find it! Because I don't have it! Why would you look at me and say that? You think I'm hiding it? Well you are soooo wrong! I'll be going now. Later, gators!" The camera really seems restless in this scene, spinning all over the place as Papa and Clark walk around. It's a kitchen scene, not ER, fellas. Papa tells Clark to keep an eye on Lex's latest "Endeavor." He goes to open the kitchen door and Pete is standing right there, about to knock. He's kinda bald, or at least very closely shaved of the head. But otherwise, he looks exactly the same. "Pete Ross!" Papa says. He says it's a surprise. "Oh my God, Pete!" Lana says. She goes to hug him. Pete ignores Papa. Papa leaves without another word. Sneaky Pete and Clark shake hands. Clark says it's good to see him and asks what he's doing there. Pete asks what Papa Luthor is doing there. He's not hiding a bracelet, if that's what you're wondering! (Innocent whistling.) Clark and Lana exchange glances. Pete guesses some things have changed. Clark says it's a long story. Would you like to read about 90 recaps, Pete?

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is at his desk, opening an ornately decorated box. He finds the Alexander the Great figure with the "V" painted on his shield. Lex notices something in the reflection on his shiny desk. He turns. The stained-glass window behind him has a family crest with a similar "V" in it. Just then, Kara comes in, knocking softly at the ajar double doors. Lex makes a crack about the fresh farm air. Kara, wearing a white shirt, says she's tired of walking around trying to jog her memory. Lex asks if anything stood out. Kara says she doesn't feel connected to anything. She thanks Lex for researching her past, but says that everything in her profile folder about "Kara Kent" isn't her. Kara asks Lex how well he knows Clark. Would you like the X-rated version or PG-13? "Do you trust him?" she asks. Lex says, "I wish I could say 'yes.' " He goes to pour himself a drink as Kara says that she thinks Clark is hiding things from her. Lex opens up a blu botol and takes a swig. Kara thinks it's weird that she has no dental or medical records. "Who doesn't get sick?" she asks. Clark, for one. Lex says that Clark can be evasive. bed? Kara asks why Clark would lie and what is so horrible about her past. Your father was...a community theatre actor. I know, I know! I'm so sorry. You will get through this, I promise. Lex promises to do everything in his power to help her get her memory back. He asks if Clark has mentioned anything about her missing bracelet. She says no. "I guess I should tell you," Lex says. He tells her that the symbol in her bracelet matches those around Smallville, including ones from the Kawatchee Caves Of Contrivance and one burned into the side of the Kent barn. Lex says that whatever Clark is hiding, it has to do with the symbols. He shows her a photo of the barn. Convincing! Lex urges her to find out about the bracelet.

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