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Kent Farm. Clark is lifting a plank loaded with logs onto the back of his blue Ford truck. He's only touching the side of the logs, but somehow, the thing is floating along unnaturally. Wow. This is really bad, folks. Pete, standing with Lana, sticks a piece of glowing green gum in his mouth. Clark doesn't seem to mind the Kryptonite. Lana drives the truck off, saying that Ben will help her unload the posts. Is that a euphemism for sex? Because I'd like to unload some posts right now if you know what I mean. Actually, when I said it, I meant going to the bathroom. Which I will now do. Ahem. Clark and Pete watch Lana drive away.

We cut to the two of them shooting hoops. Pete is a little annoyed that Chloe, Lana, and Papa Luthor all know about Clark's secret. Pete shoots a basket and makes it. Clark says it all just kind of happened. There was no long-term plan or scripting involved, truly. Clark says that after the danger he put Pete into, he didn't want to tell anyone. Pete guesses that Clark couldn't stop trying to save the world and he got caught. Pete says, "Let's go!" So they weren't playing ball this whole time? Clark goes around Pete, spinning the ball around his back, but as he's about to go up, Pete stretches an arm (and a sleeve, which is lame) to grab the ball. Clark, who can slow down time, can't figure out what just happened. Pete says he wonders what Clark's dad would think about a Luthor in his kitchen. Yeah, Thanksgiving was a little weird. As Pete makes another shot and calls "2-1," Clark says that Papa Luthor has done a lot for his family since his dad died. Pete says Papa Luthor's done a lot for his family too. Papa took their factory and caused his parents to divorce. "Guy's a real saint," he says. He makes another shot. Clark says that he doesn't expect Pete to understand after being gone for over three years. He asks what Pete has been doing. Pete says he's been doing "the roadie gig," which pays the bills. Worst roadie ever. Nice job securing those speakers.

Clark says that Pete could have returned one of his calls. Pete asks if Clark thinks it's easy saying goodbye to your best friend. He says he couldn't risk someone getting close to Clark's secret. Pete says he left it all in the past. Clark says he didn't ask Pete to do that. Pete says he's been looking over his shoulder ever since. Pete says he had to leave his life behind because of Clark, but that it was better than living in Clark's shadow. Clark is bummed. "I didn't know," he says. "Luckily, everything's changed," Pete says. He drives to the hoop and stretches his whole body to slam dunk. Pete cheers for himself. He says he finally brought his game up to Clark's level. Clark asks what happened to him. Pete says it doesn't matter: he saved a girl's life the other night and got a taste of what it's like to be a hero. Clark says they have to reverse whatever happened. Pete doesn't like that. "I should have known you wouldn't be happy for me," he says. He starts walking off. Pete says he doesn't want to hide like Clark. Clark thinks it's just the Kryptonite talking. He says it warps your reality. Pete thinks Clark's ruining lives by keeping his powers a secret. Pete says he won't let anyone live with that burden. Pete says it's time to share the glory and that if Clark tries to stop him, his won't be the only secret revealed. You asshole! Pete walks away. Clark tries to show an expression. Fail!

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