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Clark at the Stride gum factory. Chew on this. This is an actual exchange we get to hear: "What time is the concert tonight?" "Eight o'clock." "Thanks bro. Keep livin'." I sure hope these roadies are in a dangerous drug haze. Because otherwise, they're just dumb-asses. It turns out the one who said "Keep livin'" and gave some bro-not-foe fist-dap to the roadie was Jimmy Olsen. Clark approaches him. Jimmy asks if Clark heard about Pete's Silly Putty save from the night before. Clark tries to make Jimmy think he didn't see what he saw. Jimmy asks if Clark has a problem with having a meteor freak for a friend. Clark says he doesn't want something happen to Pete. Jimmy says Pete should get the credit and should be considered a hero to the rest of the world. Clark says he's not sure the world will see things that way. Jimmy thinks the world needs a hero now more than ever. We need change! And hope! And snarky political ads about answering the phone at 3 a.m.! Jimmy, serious to a silly degree, says that maybe meteor freaks can walk among us without being afraid. Maybe if you stop calling them "meteor freaks," they will. "Wouldn't you want that if one was your friend?" Jimmy asks. Clark takes a deep breath, which he always does when he's been confounded by tight science. Jimmy walks away, leaving Clark to listen to the clanking of his brain machinery. Clank, clank! Clark starts to follow, but suddenly winces. He's standing next to a bunch of pallets of gum. He pushes one aside, and there's a green glow. There's a giant room-sized crack in the floor with green light spilling out. No one at Stride noticed this structural defect in the building? Man, this gum SUCKS! Clark backs away. Danger! Chewable danger!

Chloe's desk. We can tell because there's a big, obnoxious "Chloe Sullivan" nameplate there. Pete, who got through security somehow, strides in (get it?) saying, "I always knew The Torch would light the way to the big leagues." Chloe hugs him. She says it's so good to see him. Pete hugs her really tight, his eyes closed. Easy there, tiger. Chloe says she went from being a big fish in a small pond to a minnow in The Atlantic. Pete says he's read all her stories and that some things never change. Chloe tells him that she's mopping up Lex's daily carnage. Chloe says Lex is playing Big Brother with all the computers. He's putting a bunch of roommates together and making Julie Chen host? Pete asks if Chloe can't just work some of her "Virtual voodoo" to get her files back. Chloe says that short of a massive virus, all the files will forever be in possession of "Citizen Lex."

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