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Pete, chewing his gum, says that maybe he can give Lex something else to focus on. He stretches an arm and grabs a rose for Chloe from across the room. Snakey! "Cool, huh?" he says. Chloe puts down the rose and pulls Pete aside. She tells him that he shouldn't let anyone see him do that. Pete thinks Chloe is running scared because of Clark's secret. She says it's not about him. Pete says he remembers what it was like to cover for Clark. Especially the lying. "To you," he adds, clearly hurt. Chloe says sometimes you don't have another choice. Pete says he's glad not to follow in Clark's footsteps. "Put it on the front page," he tells her. Chloe jokes that Pete could literally reach for the stars right now, but she asks about all the meteor-infected people who might want to keep their privacy. Pete thinks it's fine if they want to keep living a lie. Chloe gives him a hurt look. Pete notices Lex walking by. He says it's time for people to realize that a real hero doesn't hide in the shadows. Unless he's SPF Man, who gets burned by direct sunlight. Pete excuses himself to follow Lex. Chloe gulps.

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Kent Farm. Kara is up in the barn loft, opening one of Clark's giant chests. She sees his letterman jacket and a bunch of Smallville Crows crap. She stares at the jacket for way too long because Lana misses her cue. "Are you looking for something?" sneaky Lana asks. She's so slight that she makes no sound going up the rickety wooden stairs. Kara, sounding guilty times ten, says, "Uh, Lana...I was up!, stuff! That has accumulated! In this box! Over the years. Got any mothballs?" Lana says she doesn't think Clark would appreciate her going through his stuff. Kara hands Lana a photo of one of the symbols and asks Lana what she knows about them. Lana lies that she knows about as much as anyone else in town. Kara asks why a symbol was on the back of her bracelet. Lana, smiling as she lies, says that maybe Kara bought it on a trip here or the Kents sent it to her as a present. Bullshit! Stop your lies, harpy! Kara gives her the old Larry David stare-down (minus the music). Kara says it's amazing how Lana and Clark can both lie on autopilot. Welcome to Smallville!

Kara busts out with more photos of the symbols on the barn. Then she shows off a photo of the symbol that was tattooed on Lana's back. Kara notes it's a tattoo that Lana doesn't have anymore. How does Kara remember that Lana had a tattoo in the first place? Lana asks where she got the photos. Lex, of course. Lana, full of her own wisdom, tells Kara that Lex has a way of being the hero just when you need to be saved. Well, that's just terrible. Arrest that man. Lana says she knows how enticing that can be. Not like being with a boring farm guy. Lana says one day Lex will turn the tables and it'll all be a lie. It's always good to lecture someone about liars when you've just been caught in a lie. Your credibility is really top-notch here, Lana. Kara says that if Lana wants to prove that Lex is lying, she'll tell the truth herself. Kara begs for Lana to level with her. Lana says nothing. Kara narrows her eyes, gulps and walks away. Before she goes, she tells Lana that no matter how much dirt they shovel over her past, she'll uncover the truth. Close-up on Lana. Just because we can.

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