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Daily Planet. Jimmy, holding a rolled up set of papers with his awesome story, enters one of the colorful senior editor offices. He notices that the door to Lex's office is open a crack. He sees Pete sitting at the desk, typing away. A helpful dialogue box on the screen Pete is using says, "Virus uploading in thirty seconds." It's just one of the great Windows Vista features we're all not clamoring for. Not at all stealthily, Jimmy sneaks into the room and hides behind a divider. The divider has holes in it, but Pete's not noticing. A progress bar made of little scorpion icons reaches the end. "Virus successfully uploaded," a message on the screen says. Pete admires his handiwork. Lex is suddenly at the door. Pete closes the laptop. "Please. Don't allow me to disturb you," Lex says. Lex says Pete is quite the hero these days, rescuing Kara and trying to erase Chloe's online extracurricular activities. "I guess things never change," Lex says. Not on this show, no. "You're living proof of that," Pete fires back. Lex says they might have some stuff in common. He says they both have a friend who let them down and that they both loved women still infatuated with Clark Kent. Pete faces off with Lex and tells him he's even more messed up than before. Lex says he thought he was being civil in his response to breaking and entering. Lex says one fact remains: he controls Chloe's fate. He thinks Pete should put his amazing ability to work for him. Lex shows Pete a photo of Kara's bracelet. He believes it's locked inside Papa Luthor's vault. When did Lex get all these glossy photos done? Did he just buy a new printer and he's all excited about the dots-per-inch? Pete thinks Chloe wouldn't want her job used as a bargaining chip. "I'm not talking about her job, Pete," Lex tells him, "I'm talking about the secret she's been keeping." He asks if Pete wants to be the reason the world knows that Chloe is a meteor freak. Jimmy wasn't expecting that one. Neither was Pete.

In another part of the building, Clark and Chloe are walking down some stairs. "Stride gum factory?" she asks. Oh yes, we forgot to tell you about that! It's where they make the gum! And the scripts! Clark says it's an underground venue for bands that was shut down a few months before. That's why Stride left all those boxes of gum around? Wow, they're the stupidest business people ever. No wonder we all chew Bubblicious. Chloe, summing up their business acumen, says that maybe next time they won't let the flavor last quite so long. Clark says he found the source of Pete's powers: Kryptonite-enhanced gum. "Is nothing sacred anymore?" Chloe asks. Clark says he destroyed the stockpile (how'd you do that? Super chewing?), but that they have to find Pete. Chloe figures Clark must have seen the new Pete "The Boss" Ross in action. Chloe calls him "Go-Go Gadget Arms" and is about to say something else when they notice that everyone in the basement is having computer problems. Chloe goes to her desk. She sees a screen full of cartoon scorpions. It's the virus. We see people pretending to be frustrated and calling tech support. Chloe thinks Pete went vigilante to protect her. Jimmy shows up and calls a major scoop. He says Pete is going to Papa Luthor's to steal something for Lex. Drama!

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