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Commercials. Friday Night Smackdown! Smack it while you still can.

Pete at LuthorCorp. He's disguised himself cleverly by dressing just like Pete Ross, circa the last two days. Even though his ability only allows him to stretch, he's somehow infiltrated security. Pete puts another piece of Kryptonite Stride into his mouth as he walks the blue-hued hallways. He approaches the doors to Papa Luthor's office. The doors slide open without any provocation. Pete glances over his shoulder, then commences to skulking. He finds a closed door. Pete stares at his hand happily, then uses it to wedge his fingers into the doorway and unlock the door from the other side of the vault. Would a vault really be so easy to open with just a hinge on the inside? Pete looks around the vault. He finds a small box full of Kryptonite. There's lots of books and jewelry and other odds and ends (I sure hope there's a Tony Award in there) on the shelf. Pete gets lucky: the next box he opens contains the Kryptonite bracelet.

Pete turns around, and Clark is standing right there. Psst...Pete! Your friend is super! I would expect him to turn up at any moment! Pete puts the bracelet in his pocket. Pete says Clark's world isn't big enough for two heroes. Clark says this isn't the way to be a hero. He thinks the Kryptonite is affecting Pete's judgment. Clark offers to take care of Lex. Pete says it's only been a day and he's already being squeezed for information about Clark. Pete pulls out the bracelet. "Look familiar?" he asks. Pete says all this bullshit always comes back to Clark. Pete tosses the bracelet to Clark. He says he bets Clark didn't know his new best friend, Papa Luthor, had the bracelet. Doubting himself, Clark says there must be a reason. "His last name, Clark," Pete tells him. He says Papa and Lex are the same person and they aren't going to stop until they get to the truth about Clark. Pete looks to his right and makes a bad decision. He pulls the Kryptonite box out of the vault and opens it toward Clark. He says he doesn't have a choice. Clark, of course, falls down. Pete says that if he gives the bracelet over to Lex, it's going to get Lex one step closer to Clark's secret. So you came here...why? Pete says the only way to stop all of this is to take Lex out of the equation. Pete says it's time to save Clark and everybody else from Lex once and for all. To save Clark, he puts life-threatening Kryptonite right on Clark's chest. Hey, thanks, friend! Can I get you something for that? Pete leaves Clark there, writhing on the ground. Mother... fucking...asshole!

Stride gum factory. One Republic is playing another song. No one cares. Nice vest, Colin Quinn. Pete is on a mission. He goes back to his secret gum stash, where Lex is waiting. Lex says he's late. "You're right. I should have done this three years ago," Pete says. He reaches across the room like a Looney Tunes character and grabs Lex by the neck, pulling him back. Lex is like, "Urk!" Pete puts his choke on Lex, two-handed style. Nostrils flaring, Pete cries, "How many more people are you going hurt?!" I don't know, how many episodes are left in Season Seven? Lex struggles with the choking. Someone clocks Pete in the head, and the animated and not-very-convincing piece of gum flies out of his mouth. It's a Lex henchman. A Lexman, if you will. Lex stomps on Pete's arm. "Owwww!" Pete yells. Lex asks for the bracelet. Pete tries to stretch his arm at Lex, but it no longer works without the gum. The henchman grabs Pete's arm and kicks him in the back. Pete says he never found the bracelet and doesn't have it. "Where is it?!" Lex demands. "I don't have it," Pete tells him. Lex is annoyed. Pete, mouth bloodied, says, "Bring it on," because it won't change that he doesn't have the bracelet. Lex offers to help jog that memory. The henchman twists Pete's arm painfully.

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