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Magic: The Blathering

Commercials. Mr. Peanut at sea! I didn't even know this commercial was coming when I referenced him earlier. I call that kismet. Peanut-flavored kismet.

Talon, next morning. A pair of feet slip into the giant bunny slippers and walk to the mirror, but this time it's Chloe in her own body. She smiles at her morning face. There's a knock at the door. Clark hesitates only a moment before walking in. He brought a peace offering for missing her party. Chloe's wearing quite the skimpy top. I think she's pretty much given up the thought that Clark might ever think of her in a sexual way. Chloe praises him for saving the day. Clark thanks Chloe for her assist and for reminding him about his real self. Chloe says hero support isn't just a day job anymore. She looks in the bag that Clark brought. "And for that... we eat bagels," she says. She asks if Clark remembers everything. Clark is out of the "Just the facts, ma'am," routine, he says, but he did feel like a weight had been lifted when he was ignorant. Chloe says it must have been hard to saddle up again. Clark says it felt empty living without a purpose. "This is who I am, Chloe," he says, "every morning I wake up with a purpose." Good, just don't be one of those fish-fetish weirdos who wakes up with a porpoise. Clark asks why Chloe waited so long to tell him what was going on. She takes a moment to answer. She tells him her life has been less than desirable lately, with the whole Jimmy thing. She thinks there's an appeal to "The dynamic duo's weekly adventures." Clark lies and says she hasn't missed much. He says things haven't been that smooth with Lois lately. Chloe knows he doesn't want to open a can of "Kryptonian worms" by telling Lois the secret, but she says Lois is a part of his life now. Chloe says that given Clark's puppy-dog eyes at her all the time, he probably doesn't mind at all. Clark gives her a stern look. No puppy eyes. She tells him that just because he was burned once, that doesn't mean he can't give it a second chance. Clark deflects: "Are we still talking about me, or are we talking about you and Jimmy?" Chloe goes serious. "Touché," she says. She tells Clark that neither of them can live in the past. She says you can't be who you want to be if you're always looking over your shoulder at whom you could have been. I think I might have followed that. Maybe. Clark thinks about it. Ow. He lifts his coffee and they clink cardboard cups. "Cheers to that," he says. They both drink.

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