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Magic: The Blathering

Isis Foundation. Chloe is waiting as Oliver walks in through the front door. "Ready?" he asks. She is. Funky music starts to play. Oliver asks if she's really ready to leave her reporter life forever. Chloe chuckles. She says yesterday she wouldn't have been able to answer the question. Now, after the day she had, she's realized that's somebody else's life. Boo. Oliver says everyone else has so much clarity after their encounter with Zatanna. He wishes he'd had some of the fairy dust, too. Chloe walks to a desk and pulls out an earpiece and a controller. She offers to save Oliver the heel blisters. She says he already knows what he really wants. They all just don't listen. She holds up the earpiece to Oliver. "This is where I belong," she tells him as Oliver takes the earpiece. She uses the remote to open Lana's command center. Inside, the screens display some of our old pals. "Aquaman online," a voice announces, "Canary online, Cyborg online, Impulse online." Oliver adds, "Arrow online." Chloe puts on her own earpiece. Rock music plays. "Watchtower is officially online." She stares at the camera with calm intensity. "Let's get to work," she says. But first let's wait a week.

Next week: Doomsday? Maybe? I really thought he'd be around this week, but I was wrong. Don't burn me again next week, show.

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